Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is about a woman, named Catherine Cruz who has it all in this world. She is a successful business woman, who believed that happiness would arrive when she bought the right car, built the right house & promoted to the right job. She judged the value of the human being not by the size of their heart, but by the size of their wallet & the contents of their bank account.

As the brightest student in her class, she had her pick of the best companies on the planet to work for. She led a very successful career path and finally she owns a web-based company called That was the beginning of all the miseries in her life. Catherine was 7 years into marriage that lack any trace of passion or emotional connection. By the time she'd roll into the driveway at night, her husband, Jon, would be asleep and by the Jon'd get up, her Mercedes would be winding its way to her office. But it was far more than her relationship with Jon that was causing her to feel so empty & disheartened as a person. She has two children-Porter & Sarita-that were suffering as a result of her eternal absences & negligence. She knew & she felt this emptiness-despite of having all those luxury lifestyle around her-but she just couldn't tear herself away from the office & her hyper-complex professional life carried with it.

"If i had to live my life over again, i would relax more.
i'd be sillier than i have been on this trip.
i'd climb more mountains,swim more rivers & watch
more sunsets. i'd have more actual troubles & less
imaginary ones. Oh i've had my moments, and if i had to
do it over again,i'd have more of them.
in fact,i'd try to have nothing else,
just moments, one after another.
and i'd pick more daisies."
Nadine Stair, age 89

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kejap timbul kejap tenggelam...

Assalamualaikum & a good day to everyone..

I'm not quite sure whether I still have my loyal readers or not..this silence..long silence might tear us apart..I couldn't blame others but ME.. But after I got message from Che Za & Ana (ouhh Ana now has a blog!! Congrats dear..), at least they are still with me on this nearly-drown blog.. And for that, my friends...I'm so sorry for not being in that istikhamah with my writings.. Oh boy, I'm always pray to Allah that He will kindly grant me with this consistency in anything I do.. Maybe I shouldn't give-up on asking..

So,apa yg saya buat selama 'kehilangan' saya di arena blog?

I refused to tell any negative side of story,let's be positive aje ok..

Lama tu saya diamkan diri, sampaikan saya pun dah tak ingat apa yg saya lalui..haha..Maafkanlah insan ini..

But yes, there's one thing I wanna share with you guys.. I'm now reading a book, a very delightful, fascinating & eye-opening book, I might say.. It's a "FAMILY WISDOM from the Monk who sold his Ferrari", written by Robin Sharma. Saya beli kat KLIA ari tu masa tunggu Mr.Hubby. The book is sooooo good and it really touches my heart, that much until it broke my tears when it comes to the right paragraphs. The way Robin tells the story, the way he plays with his words & I like it most because the book is so packed with wisdoms. It is about nurturing the leader within our child (in my case, within my future children), and all he mention is about we first must develop ourselves before we can shape our children. I strongly recommend this book to all the mothers, fathers and mamapapa-to-be out there. Alhamdulillah, inilah salah satu rahmat yg tersembunyi pemberian Dia lantaran lewat dikurniakan zuriat. Mungkin ini peluang yg patut kami ambil utk belajar sehabis2nya sebelum bergelar seorang ibu & ayah. Syukur pada-Mu ya Allah..

Ok, please and please find the book if you eagerly want to know how to raise your child in this challenging world. Whether you are a homemaker, or a career mom, this book, believe me, is one of the best and you will never regret. Don't worry, it is very easy to understand, as Robin ingeniously express all his brilliant ideas in the form of a conversation, or shortly in a narrative form, so you wouldn't be bored reading it.

Ouhh I think Robin Sharma's first book (or the book before this book I'm reading) is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Maybe I should get one after I finished with this one.


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