Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Raya datang lagi...

Happy Eid ul-adha everyone!!!!!
Adusssssss.... lenguh sekali pinggang mbak, sedari pagi mbak di dapur. Waduh waduh !!! seakan mahu tercabut urat-urat kaki mbak!
I was preparing raya dishes before I took this 15 mins break. It was an over-planned preparation actually. Thought of just serving rendang & ketupat tomorrow, but it's true that 'kita hanya merancang,Tuhan yg menentukan'... hehehehe.. Alast, we'll have Chicken Rendang, Lontong, Nasi Himpit (compressed rice cake), Lontong, Peanut Gravy, Ketupat Pulut, Begedil, and what more??? Ermmm... that's all I hope. Too many dishes with too many tasks for 2 cooks - that's ME & MAK, with Mr.Hubby & Ayah "have to" be assistant. Tak menang tangan beb!!! With those three stooges some more!
So tired, I couldn't say much right now. I'll post the pictures of Raya gathering at my house tomorrow, if I have enough time to do that.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mommy came to KL with a bigggggg hajat...

Mommy came here yesterday, I fetched her at Hentian Putra. I know she has something to say, because Kak Chu had told me earlier. Inside the car, I was expecting her to tell me the story when suddenly yes! She told everything... everything till I felt so close to her, felt like we were sharing the fairy tale love story.. I never thought she would be as transparent like this. We are daughter & mom anyway, shouldn't be any secret right??


Hahaha..why I'm laughing? Don't know, in fact everybody in the family are making joke out of this. Not that we don't agree, as a matter of fact.. we are all 100% no objection! We are happy as long as Mommy happy. He (step-father-to-be) is a 73 old man, still energetic ( according to Mommy,hehe), pensioner (means has his own monthly pension income, that's good enough), chinese-looking, (come-on lah, what do you expect, he's 73! He's not Sean Connery), the most important of all, beriman, I can say he's a good practical Muslim. Tok Imam lah beb!!! (I remembered talking to Abg Ju last night on the phone,"macam mana nak karaoke malam raya ni??") and Mommy told me that Nayli & Adik Ira were also worried about 'dressing attire' when they have a Tok Imam Aki (grandfather).

That's not the reason why we are still laughing.. He is the Tok Kadi of all my brothers during any wedding akad at my house, which means, including at my nikah day! He was a friend to my late beloved father & after 'menikahkah' all of us, the only one left available is Mommy - and itupun dia sapu... Hahahahahahaha (again).

But, it is just the 'funny' side of the story. Behind it, we all happy bacause Mommy shall has a companion, someone to talk to, to cry on, to rely on in whatever situation. I know, all this while she was so lonely even though we are there beside her. It's not the same. Paling utama, after marriage, mereka boleh sama-sama ke masjid, ceramah agama, belajar agama. That's the thing she was really looking at her usia tua. Allah loves arwah Bak more, for He took him so soon, at the age of 52. For me, I don't care with whom Mommy is right now, because deep inside my heart, takkan ada ayah lain seumpama Bak. He's too special.

Stay tuned! That lucky face will be revealed soon!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Aku nak marah!!

Last 2 days, we (me & my usual mate, Mr.Hubby) went to Kompleks PKNS, Shah Alam to collect his sandals at the cobbler. I was so starving like piranha (ada ke idiom macam ni?) when I saw a banner at the Kyros Kebab outlet. Wow... too tempting to let go. It looked really delicious, making my hungry tummy 'kriiiokkk'ing unashamedly. Mulanya aku dah siap berdiskusi dgn Mr.Hubby nak makan KFC Meltz Meltz (yg iklannya Salsa?BBQ berkeju?Salsa?BBQ berkeju?). But, since we first passing by KyrosKebab, and saw the ads, and I was unbearably laporrr bagai nak giler,we decided on Kyros instead of KFC.Fine.

We went through the menu, I decided on Chicken Tandoori Sandwich, which I have tasted before at Sogo. Quite big size sandwich, enough for lunch,I thought. (I was too afraid to gamble on other dish because don't want to get dissapointed in the middle of this hungriness.) Mr.Hubby chose a Kebab In Croissant, he is a number 1 'fan' of kebab for your info, give him anything in the name of kebab, he'll just grab it,no objection!

Mine cost RM8.90+ & so with KebabInCroissant. Yang aku hangen satu badan ni, what we get is not what we saw. Dalam menu bukan main lagi berhias sandwich dengan salad menghijau, bawang2 dibiar bulat-bulat..nampak fresh even just a sandwich. Croissant pun sama. A far cry from the one in the menu. Kenapa, susah sgt ke nak buat sama,sebijik sejibun dgn yg dalam menu tu? Lari sgt ke costing nye? I'll report this to the management. Hey! It's your menu picture that made me willing to spend at your outlet, it was a great annoyance to me, being cheated like this. Aligned with Hari Hak Asasi Sedunia this month, I'll fight for my rights! Aku gerammmmmmmm..nak tengok gambar??? Tak caya? Ok..

This is the menu version of Kebab In Croissant

This is the one we get... Kempis macam perut lepas bersalin..

This is the menu version of Chicken Tandoori Sandwich..

This is the one we get.. Macam burger budak2 yg "taknak sayur ye, bawang pun taknak, letak sos aje"..

After all, I strongly discourage all of you to savor any two dishes of these at Kyros Kebab PKNS Kompleks, Shah Alam. Sogo outlet is ok. Kita hidup saling pesan-berpesan kan???

Days at IJN

Being busy with 'in-law responsibilities' these few days, instead of updating, I was just being able to be a loyal observer to my own blog. Hahahaha..
My FIL was admitted to IJN last week, for an angioplasty again, for the 3rd time. It was a normal procedure as a preparation for a heart by-pass operation in March next year. Watching my FIL suffered from the pain, this is my 2nd time experience, (the 1st being witnessing my late beloved father suffering from lung cancer in 1992), I must admit, smoking is bad, very bad silent killer. Yup, it's all because of smoking. At this very moment, I thank Allah for blessing me with a non-smoking husband. Not saying that no smoking,no pain but at least, it lessen the percentage of probability.

Ayah was enjoying the cakes that I fight-to-get from Secret Recipe. In ward before was shifting to proper room.
Kak Alice was luxuriate her lunch, camping at the ward.

Ayah after the 6-hour procedure being done. So weak & tired.

The room finally became a Cyber Cafe, since there was a free IJN Hotspot wireless broadband service. Heaven for Mr.Hubby & Lan. And I was the 'coffee lady' for the rest of the days at IJN.

Bear in mind!! That was not the doctor. Ba'ad was practising his skill at something while Kak Alice (on the chair) trying to give a supermodel pose to the camera.

Look, that's what I call, 'time utilizing'. Finishing my Beads & Sequin work on kak teh's baju kurung. Kak Alice was still with her supermodel pose.

I dont want to show off my skill, but they really insist..

I know! I know! You must be so impressed. I shyly smile to your compliments. Hahahaha..

Mak, who is loyal as a shoulder to cry on, to his husband.

Happy Anniversary Secret Recipe!!!

On the last 10th, I got an email from my 'best-gossiping-buddy' (actually the email was sent before the 10th), the title caught my attention causing my eyes to sparkle a little bit. It's 10th anniversary of Secret Recipe,so they're generously giving out a promo of Buy 1 whole cake,get another 1 whole cake for FREE.. Being allergic to the word FREE, I told Mr.Hubby about this crazy promo & being a very good 'allergic-mate', we dropped by Subang Parade to get it on our way to send FIL (father-in-law) to IJN. (why IJN? Keep on browsing for the next post). Surprisingly & unfortunately, it was a long long queue, about 60 people were as allergic as me! Gosh! How can they notice the promo? Why can't he just be me???(being selfish here). It was almost 3.40pm, and we have to be at IJN for FIL registration before 4.30pm,so I guess... huarrrghhhhhhhhh... I'll miss it! I'll miss it!

We drove straight to IJN then. Mr.Hubby noticed my 'sweet-and-sour' face, till he voiced up, "macam muka kalah perang". I know he is my soulmate when he said, "ok,kita drop kan ayah dulu for registration,pastu gi carik SR kat KL". Smiled. Thanks to my BGB (best-gossiping buddy), she sent the list of 10 outlets of SR participating in the promo. Got one in Jln P Ramlee, wooshh, I took a map & found the way. (yes,we are still using map in KL).

I arrived at SR Jln P Ramlee at about 4.15pm, not too long queue. I became a selfish buyer again when....

Man before me in the line : (choosing the flavours). Ermmm..which one is better huh??
Blueberry or rasberry?? (asking the promoter)
Promoter : (normal answer from a biassed-salesperson). Dua-dua pon sedap.

Then, I was an usual kind-hearted lady till I heard from the counter staff.. BLUEBERRY TINGGAL 1 JE LAGI YE.. Argghhhh!! That's my fav!!

Man before me in the line : (still undecide). Blueberry or rasberry.....
Me : Ermmm..rasberry quite nice. Smile.

He bought the rasberry cheese cake & dummmmm! The only 1-left blueberry is mine!

I chose Chocolate Moist & Blueberry Cheese Cake!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Easy Recipe from my Heavenly Kitchen..

Ceasar Salad
One of Mr.Hubby's menu in his "Kill-the-Starving-Tummy" program.

Wash & toss the salad (Romaine Lettuce). In the meanwhile, prepare other ingredients.

Parmesan Cheese. Grate the cheese like this. More cheese the tastier the salad.
Shredded parboiled boneless chicken.
Parboiled egg. Sliced into four.

Gently break the leaves into slightly larger than bite-size pieces and put into bowl.

Add dressing sparingly, gently tossing salad until the leaves are barely coated.

Add parmesan cheese and croutons (small diced or shaped pieces of fried bread used to garnish soup and salads) to the lettuce and gently toss.

Add a pinch of crushed black pepper & serve with egg slices..

Craving Mate!!!!!

What will you do to fill your time if you,everyday, all day long, become a co-pilot, seating in a car? For me, after tired of talking, joking & telling all the stories that came to my mind to Mr.Hubby, (of course he is the driver!), I will just sit in silence. For a while. Mr.Hubby knows this is time for me to re-charge my battery. Or for me to find another story from another world to share or to make him laugh.To kill our time.

While in silence, my eyes normally will look around, outside the window. Eyes will catch each & every word, everything they can reach. Then, yesterday, as we passed by Jalan Banting on the way to Salak Tinggi, somewhere in Olak Lempit, (do you guys know the area? at least I think my ex-collegemates sure know the way!) then all of sudden I screamed, "Stoppppp the car!!!!!!" macam FBI pun ader..hahaha. It was time for Mr.Hubby to show his skill, when he stopped the car few steps ahead a fruit stall. He looked at me in a 'pontianak style'..

Mr.Hubby : Apsal?
Me : Nak tuuuu.... (pointing to the stall)
Mr.Hubby : Haaa???..Sedapnyeee...

It was this that responsible for the incident..

Me : I'll cook Masak Lemak Tempoyak for you ye Sayang...

Again, Mr.Hubby's diet program just gone with the wind...

He's away today, but I just couldn't wait to taste the tempoyak sensation so I cooked masak lomak cili padi tempoyak for lunch.

Sodap hingga menjilat jari !!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eating & Shopping, great Mind Therapy

We had a long list of things-to-do last Sunday when suddenly I pop-out “Happy Birthday” to my sis-in-law, Ati, which, she herself forgot that date! Pretty preoccupied with her work at the office, I guess..or get immersed with the engagement get-ready-things. So,we just had a light breakfast (roti canai, isn’t it light? because we are celebrating her birthday at the Manhattan Fish Market, again..just like last year when we went there to ‘be blessed’ with her first salary..

We first drove to Subang Parade, just to have a one-round-drive at the parking bay then Mr.Hubby suggested that we should have a look at the newly-refurbished Sunway Pyramid. Wow! It’s larger than large, enough space to have my brisk walking exercise done.

We arrived & be seated in the Manhattan Fish Market restaurant at about 3.50pm, then only we came across a promo said "Free Coffee, 5-6pm". After we had a mind-cramping meeting, then slowly Mr.Hubby walked out from the restaurant, followed by Ayah, Me, Mak & Ati..hehehe. We will be back at 5pm..just to make sure we could participate in that promo to get Free Coffee.

My must-order menu..Seafood Platter For Two, with cheesy flamming prawn.

Yesterday, as a normal routine, we were back on the road again. First to the Accounting Department at the Subang Airport, solving the unsolved matters of Mr.Hubby. Went to Staff Travel counter, argghhh long queue.. ohh that must be we are now in school holiday, so everybody is planning for a great vacation with their let it be! We went straight to Kakak’s place. Had a Penang Laksa for lunch at the Kakak’s house with MamaUllya as our honorary guest.Hehehe.. Finally,managed to hand over the cheese after days of melt-and-solidify process (from my car into the fridge). Happy Cheesy my fren!

It’s true you know, if we perseveringly targeted something, we will get it. Sound serious, didn’t I? Yup, besides applying these rule of thumb to anything else, I do practice it in shopping.. Hahaha..You got it!! It’s been months since I last shop for new cloth.. so my mind has not been on therapy since then. Poor me. While Mr.Hubby performed his Marghrib prayer (oh yaa..we were at Subang Parade,my so-called Second Home), I were scrutinizing every shop then my eyes caught the bunting at the Somerset Bay said, “SALE”. My eyes acted like a binocular, zooming inside of the shop & yes, reliable! Up to 70% my friend!! So, I got myself in therapy for 20 mins & walked out with these…

Pinky English-type Blouse.

I like the sleeve..the ribbon idea. Mr.Hubby sighed after I showed him the blouse. “nanti sure I yang kena ikat ribbon tu..” Borrowing Kakak’s term – Baju Cik Abang sure need him to wear this.

Not just the ribbon at the sleeve Sayangku…See the blouse-length buttons at the back? “Ohhhh…I can’t reach that too.. Help me pleaseeee!!!”(Mr.Hubby sighed again)

Long awaited ‘lawyer-shirt’.. Now it’s in my closet..

On the way to Carrefour, my tummy met her friend from Thailand. Mr.Hubby just said, “Again?”
Not this mak cik Siam lah…

It is this..SOM TAM.. Urrmmm. That mak cik asked, “pedas or kurang pedas?” I chose the latter, but somehow, it still producing a burning sensation to the taste, made me thought, “Did that mak cik asked, pedas or memang pedas?”


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