Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Raya datang lagi...

Happy Eid ul-adha everyone!!!!!
Adusssssss.... lenguh sekali pinggang mbak, sedari pagi mbak di dapur. Waduh waduh !!! seakan mahu tercabut urat-urat kaki mbak!
I was preparing raya dishes before I took this 15 mins break. It was an over-planned preparation actually. Thought of just serving rendang & ketupat tomorrow, but it's true that 'kita hanya merancang,Tuhan yg menentukan'... hehehehe.. Alast, we'll have Chicken Rendang, Lontong, Nasi Himpit (compressed rice cake), Lontong, Peanut Gravy, Ketupat Pulut, Begedil, and what more??? Ermmm... that's all I hope. Too many dishes with too many tasks for 2 cooks - that's ME & MAK, with Mr.Hubby & Ayah "have to" be assistant. Tak menang tangan beb!!! With those three stooges some more!
So tired, I couldn't say much right now. I'll post the pictures of Raya gathering at my house tomorrow, if I have enough time to do that.

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