Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rahsia No.7

Have you ever wondered, why there are so many SEVEN in this world?
  • 7 lapis langit
  • 7 lapis bumi
  • 7 jenis lautan
  • 7 warna pelangi
  • 7 kali zikir
  • 7 kali samak
  • 7 kali tawaf
  • 7 ayat dlm al-Fatihah,pembuka surah
  • 7 jenis air mutlak

Mostly, everywhere & anything is SEVEN..have you ever made a thought about it? Find it.. when you find the answer, you will understand this life better. Ask people around you.. find it in a book.. do everything to find the answer..

Syukur aku dilahirkan sebagai anak yg ke-7, lahir pada 7hb, pada tahun '77.. Banyak rahmatnya,I JUST BELIEVE ..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Being loved!!

Yesterday, Mommy called. Ayah Chik asked her to ring me up. "Ayah Chik rindu nak cakap dgn anakandanya", kata Mommy.. I talked with Ayah Chik in laugh for about 20 mins.. give him a chance to melepaskan rindu seorang ayah kepada anaknya..

So sweet.. haven't feel this since 16 years ago.. Though every second I 'feel' the presence of arwah Bak in my life..

Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah for letting me feel this way again..for being showered with love again..a fatherly love..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just to say Hellooooo!!!

Hi dear readers..sorry for the loooonggggggg silence. I was damnly busy for the past 2 weeks until now, am still & do expect the same until at least May comes. Wow..what a day for a homemaker like me? Sometime I feel it funny when people asked me about what I do for a living? Normally, I just answer, "I'm a homemaker". It gives 2 meanings actually my friends.. Yes, it's known that 'homemaker' is another word for a 'housewife' but in my case, it can also refers to what I'm actually do for these few years..I'm indeed a 'home-maker'.. Haha..

Many things happened during my 'golden silence'.. Ayah Chik was warded in a hospital for 4 days last week. Suspected Pneumonia at a very early stage. I hope it's not going to be worse. I hope he's getting well very soon. I hope his diebetic also recovers (though the hope is frail, yet I am still strongly hoping for that to happen). I hope Mommy & Ayah Chik will have chance to live happily & enjoying their lives to the fullest on their remaining days...

Last week was the first trip we moved the things to Sepang..and today is the second. So many boxes are on its way & am glad that so many boxes too were gone into the rubbish bin. Ahaha.. Allah hears me you know, when I told Him to help.. I feel easy, calm & everything goes as planned.. It's beautiful when we have a strong weapon to fight against anything..the Doa.. So merciful..

I notice I post no pictures lately..(my friend yells at me yesterday.."we want pictures la..").. So, bear with words until May..because I have packed the camera battery charger & it is now quietly in a box in Sepang while the camera is now still with me in Klang.. (heheheh)..

Till then, have a nice day everyday!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

'Black 14' Night of Honour..

Datang beramai-ramai..
To those who didn't get my sms:
Satu perhimpunan besar-besaran untuk menyambut DSAI akan diadakan di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman Kampung Baru pada 14 April 2008 ini jam 8.45 mlm. 'Black 14' kali ini akan disambut dengan berbeza dari tahun2 lepas bersempena tamatnya 'larangan berpolitik' ke atas DSAI pada tarikh tersebut. Inilah ucapan sulung beliau selepas PRU-12. Datang beramai-ramai tanda sokongan!
To those who has bought the AIC t-shirt, wear it!

Moving out..feeling happy or creepy?

Huhhhhh!!! Sighing & sighing again & again..

We are moving out at the nearest time. Of course am soooo happy because that Heaven is finally completed after 5 years of construction.. (it's a long story lah..and i don't want to cut it short those who know,they know).. But i'm too hate about this uneasiness sort-of feeling..

Living with 'old-timer' couple has its own pro & cons.. One of the things that i have to bear with is they have a lotttttt of stuff in the house. I don't care much if those stuff are still can be used..what i mean here is unused stuff, 'out-of-order' household items which is a lot in my house right now,worthless kitchen utensils,old torn bags/briefcases,'out-of-set' dishwares,expired medicines, and many many many name it!!

More headache is,they are packing those up for moving to our new house..Mak me!! I've told them,me & Mr.Hubby will pack the things which we think is worth bringing to our new place,but oh my goodness...i'm blessed with such hardworking Mum & Sis..

After 6 years of marriage, i think it is time now for me to 100% control what is good, and what is not for my own house. And i don't want it to look like our present house..camne ni????? Sometimes i give-up handling this thing..but the deeper part inside me want to fight. Mr.Hubby suggests we should have a maid, at least we could direct her what to do according to our know,most of us have our own 'Piawaian Rumahtangga''s just difficult when the officer below us is more senior,you get me or not?? A maid??? Ermmm.. This means the number of people in the house increasing.. But, afraid of things getting worse, i might consider it back..

Difficult huh?? So, to those friends who think "ohhh how nice & easy life you have Ujie..", do think it back!! Mental kena kuat wooooo!!!

***Sigh again***

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm now in the era of 30's..huhuhu

Happy Birthday to me..Happy 31st Birthday..
Celebrate last night at Kakak's house, we shared almost the same day..hers is on 6th April..
Got a present from Mr.Hubby this year,after waiting for it for 10 years!!!!!!!! See, i'm not that materialistic huh?? Tak pernah dpt birthday present from husband before!!! Nak kena mintak baru dapat..warrrghhhhh....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm happy making people happy..

I called Kakak yesterday,and Kakak said she just called Mommy at kampung..tanya khabar lepas menjadi isteri..and Kakak told me something that really touches my heart..the deepest part in my heart..

"Ayah Chik suka dengan family ni..mesra sgt anak2 dengan Ayah Chik, lebih daripada anak2 Ayah Chik sendiri.. Malu Ayah Chik anak2 Ayah Chik tak layan Mi sebagaimana anak2 sebelah sini layan Ayah Chik. Ayah Chik suka semua, terutama Ujie. Ayah Chik sayang sangat kat Ujie, baru sempat bersama 3-4 hari,tp Ayah Chik tahu Ujie sayang & ikhlas dgn Ayah Chik.."

That's what Ayah Chik told Kakak yesterday. My eyes were a little bit teary.. I confess, I do miss a 'fatherly love' all this while...

To Ayah Chik, please don't worry about anak2 Ayah Chik..lama-kelamaan mereka akan mesra jugak..Berilah sedikit masa. Yang pasti,kami adik-beradik telah menganggap mereka umpama saudara sendiri serentak dgn sahnya ikatan antara Ayah Chik & Mommy..

Ya Allah ! Kurniakanlah mereka berdua kesejahteraan hidup, kebahagiaan, kebaikkan di dunia & jua di akhirat. Bahagiakan mereka di saat mereka menghabiskan sisa2 hidup berdua. Rahmatilah kedua mereka dengan kesihatan tubuh badan, dan tingkatkan amal taqwa mereka. Bahagiakan mereka..


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