Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just to say Hellooooo!!!

Hi dear readers..sorry for the loooonggggggg silence. I was damnly busy for the past 2 weeks until now, am still & do expect the same until at least May comes. Wow..what a day for a homemaker like me? Sometime I feel it funny when people asked me about what I do for a living? Normally, I just answer, "I'm a homemaker". It gives 2 meanings actually my friends.. Yes, it's known that 'homemaker' is another word for a 'housewife' but in my case, it can also refers to what I'm actually do for these few years..I'm indeed a 'home-maker'.. Haha..

Many things happened during my 'golden silence'.. Ayah Chik was warded in a hospital for 4 days last week. Suspected Pneumonia at a very early stage. I hope it's not going to be worse. I hope he's getting well very soon. I hope his diebetic also recovers (though the hope is frail, yet I am still strongly hoping for that to happen). I hope Mommy & Ayah Chik will have chance to live happily & enjoying their lives to the fullest on their remaining days...

Last week was the first trip we moved the things to Sepang..and today is the second. So many boxes are on its way & am glad that so many boxes too were gone into the rubbish bin. Ahaha.. Allah hears me you know, when I told Him to help.. I feel easy, calm & everything goes as planned.. It's beautiful when we have a strong weapon to fight against anything..the Doa.. So merciful..

I notice I post no pictures lately..(my friend yells at me yesterday.."we want pictures la..").. So, bear with words until May..because I have packed the camera battery charger & it is now quietly in a box in Sepang while the camera is now still with me in Klang.. (heheheh)..

Till then, have a nice day everyday!!

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