Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is about a woman, named Catherine Cruz who has it all in this world. She is a successful business woman, who believed that happiness would arrive when she bought the right car, built the right house & promoted to the right job. She judged the value of the human being not by the size of their heart, but by the size of their wallet & the contents of their bank account.

As the brightest student in her class, she had her pick of the best companies on the planet to work for. She led a very successful career path and finally she owns a web-based company called That was the beginning of all the miseries in her life. Catherine was 7 years into marriage that lack any trace of passion or emotional connection. By the time she'd roll into the driveway at night, her husband, Jon, would be asleep and by the Jon'd get up, her Mercedes would be winding its way to her office. But it was far more than her relationship with Jon that was causing her to feel so empty & disheartened as a person. She has two children-Porter & Sarita-that were suffering as a result of her eternal absences & negligence. She knew & she felt this emptiness-despite of having all those luxury lifestyle around her-but she just couldn't tear herself away from the office & her hyper-complex professional life carried with it.

"If i had to live my life over again, i would relax more.
i'd be sillier than i have been on this trip.
i'd climb more mountains,swim more rivers & watch
more sunsets. i'd have more actual troubles & less
imaginary ones. Oh i've had my moments, and if i had to
do it over again,i'd have more of them.
in fact,i'd try to have nothing else,
just moments, one after another.
and i'd pick more daisies."
Nadine Stair, age 89

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kejap timbul kejap tenggelam...

Assalamualaikum & a good day to everyone..

I'm not quite sure whether I still have my loyal readers or not..this silence..long silence might tear us apart..I couldn't blame others but ME.. But after I got message from Che Za & Ana (ouhh Ana now has a blog!! Congrats dear..), at least they are still with me on this nearly-drown blog.. And for that, my friends...I'm so sorry for not being in that istikhamah with my writings.. Oh boy, I'm always pray to Allah that He will kindly grant me with this consistency in anything I do.. Maybe I shouldn't give-up on asking..

So,apa yg saya buat selama 'kehilangan' saya di arena blog?

I refused to tell any negative side of story,let's be positive aje ok..

Lama tu saya diamkan diri, sampaikan saya pun dah tak ingat apa yg saya lalui..haha..Maafkanlah insan ini..

But yes, there's one thing I wanna share with you guys.. I'm now reading a book, a very delightful, fascinating & eye-opening book, I might say.. It's a "FAMILY WISDOM from the Monk who sold his Ferrari", written by Robin Sharma. Saya beli kat KLIA ari tu masa tunggu Mr.Hubby. The book is sooooo good and it really touches my heart, that much until it broke my tears when it comes to the right paragraphs. The way Robin tells the story, the way he plays with his words & I like it most because the book is so packed with wisdoms. It is about nurturing the leader within our child (in my case, within my future children), and all he mention is about we first must develop ourselves before we can shape our children. I strongly recommend this book to all the mothers, fathers and mamapapa-to-be out there. Alhamdulillah, inilah salah satu rahmat yg tersembunyi pemberian Dia lantaran lewat dikurniakan zuriat. Mungkin ini peluang yg patut kami ambil utk belajar sehabis2nya sebelum bergelar seorang ibu & ayah. Syukur pada-Mu ya Allah..

Ok, please and please find the book if you eagerly want to know how to raise your child in this challenging world. Whether you are a homemaker, or a career mom, this book, believe me, is one of the best and you will never regret. Don't worry, it is very easy to understand, as Robin ingeniously express all his brilliant ideas in the form of a conversation, or shortly in a narrative form, so you wouldn't be bored reading it.

Ouhh I think Robin Sharma's first book (or the book before this book I'm reading) is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Maybe I should get one after I finished with this one.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!!!!
Maaf Zahir Batin
samada di kehidupan nyata atau kehidupan maya ni..

Drive Safe
Enjoy Your Holiday
Makan beringat ye..
Will be back to KL again on 24th..
See you then..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Asam Rebus pembuka selera

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Jom, kita masak asam rebus.
Mak mertua saya panggil lauk ni 'Asam rebus'.. memang orang Kedah panggil mcm tu.
Kalau ikut bahasa persuratan (chewahh) Terengganu,
lauk ni hampir (99.99%) sama dengan 'Singgang Pedas'.

Apa-apapun, lauk ni memang pilihan saya kalau rasa
dah muak dengan lauk bersantan lemak berkrim kesukaan ramai tu..
Lagipun, lauk ni boleh di consider healthy cooking
ye lah, rebus aje semua nye..

The Ingredients
3 ulas bawang merah-kisar
1 ulas bawang putih-kisar
2sm kunyit hidup-kisar
4-5 tangkai cili kering-kisar
2 sm belacan-kisar
3 batang serai-diketuk
Ikan kembong atau apa2 ikan yg manis
2-3 keping asam keping
Bunga kantan jika suka-hiris halus/cincang
Daun kesum
Bendi untuk garnishing dlm kuah
4 gelas air

How To
Satukan semua bahan ke dalam periuk berisi air. Didihkan.

Bila dah mendidih, masukkan ikan & bendi.

Ikan dah masak, bendi dah lembut maknanya dah pun siap.

Masak lemak cili padi peria

Hooolllaaaaaa evelibody!!!
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Ramadhan ni, rasa nak citer pasal makan aje ye..
Macam takde citer2 lain pulak saya ni.
Takpe lah, saya tgh rajin ni, layan je lahhhh..hehe

Menu kali ni
Masak Lemak Cili Padi Peria + Udang + Petai

Setiap kali saya ke pasar, saya mesti beli peria katak ni..
Namanye je yg tak syok di dengar,
tapi rasa sedap..pahit2 lemak gitu..
Selalu saya goreng dengan udang kering,
tapi kali ni macam dah jemu pulak..tukar selera sikit

Teringin nak makan masak lemak versi cair
bukan apa, sebenarnya dah muak juga hari2 asyik masak bersantan ni
tu yg cuba buat cair sikit..

The Ingredients
3 ulas bawang merah
1 ulas bawang putih
10 biji cili padi (cari yg pedas tau..ada uummmpphh)
1 keping asam keping
1-2 sm kunyit hidup
1 biji peria
10 ekor udang sederhana besar
1 papan petai
3 cawan santan (cairkan sikit)

How To
Belah dua & hiris peria-celur sekejap. Angkat & toskan.

Kisar hancur bawang merah, bawang putih, cili padi & kunyit hidup.

Campurkan bahan kisar dengan santan, asam keping.
Masak hingga mendidih sambil dikacau tak berhenti.

Masukkan udang, peria & petai. Masak sekejap.

Masukkan garam secukup rasa. Angkat & hidang.
Cubalah, kalau2 nak ubah selera masa berbuka nanti.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Layered Yummylicious...

Helloooooo everyone!!!
Kinda miss u a lot lah...muahhssss!!!
Tempting..isn't it???
Me too...hua hua hua huaa...
I was never liked Layer Cake..
Once I favour a Betawi Layer Cake, originated from Indonesia..
I love the taste of cinnammon & spices inside
But, today's betawi cake is never like before..

Today, it is more taste like just a butter cake
With no more pandan extract
replaced with colouring..
shocking green in kuih is no beautiful to my eyes

While I adore the uniqueness of Sarawak Layer cake
those with bright, colourful, patterned cake
And I heard they even bake one with M.A.W.I name inside it
(only can be seen when we cut the cake)
creative, that's the word..
But, forgive me..I am 'horrified' with the fake colours
Thus making me to have a kind of thought
"ooohhh cake ni hanya untuk decor kott"
(pleaseeeee no offence to those layer cake lovers out there..)
(as ones liking is very very subjectives kannn)

Somehow, I fall in love with this one..
this particular one Sarawak Layer Cake..
which I found not only the cake
but also I see the purity & honesty inside it..
that's the value, at least...
Thank You so much to the chef for the pure & original ingredients
you use
NEVER...feel being cheated anymore..

The Chef only use original cream cheese & Van Houten cocoa
resulted in this marvellous cake
He makes sure he bake not more than 5 to 6 cakes a day
in order to maintain its quality, its authenticity
(not in bulk like some of the Layer Cake manufacturer)

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So, care to feel the same as me?
Why don't you grab the chance, take the challenge..(hehehe mcm amazing race plak)
You will never knew until you have tasted it on your own..

I'm not a dealer, nor a distributor..
But, since I'm ordering mine
so I just feel attracted to share it with you here

It's RM130/= per cake (weigh approx. 1.8-1.9kg)
The postage cost is inclusive..
since dia punye texture sgt padat & mampat, you all tak perlu
potong besar2 or tebal2..cut into cubes pun boleh..
makan sikit dah cukup
unless you are really really die hard fan of cheese cake
boleh makan in big portion in once
adussssss mak tak boleh nyahh!!!
tapi saya mesti makan ulang2

And one more thing,
The Chef told me..
if you keep it refrigerated, lih tahan 1 year tauuu!!!
(tipulah kan,takkan kedekut bebenor sampai sebiji kek tahan setahun)
ngeh ngeh ngeh

Order confirmation latest by 11th ye..
(sbb I nak deliver kat you all lagi, then nak balik kampung lagi)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pizza..dengan roti gardenia aje you!! Senang...

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The Ingredients
1. Beberapa keping roti gardenia.
2. Prego Pasta Sauce, beli tin/botol kecil cukup..Garlic Parmesan or Original.
3. PIZZA PLUS grated cheese.
4. Oregano
5. Yellow onion-sliced into rings
6. Capsicum - green,yellow,red to add colours
7. Sausage-sliced
8. Pineapple cubes
9. Tuna flakes in water/olive oil-2 tins
10. Kalau suka, tambah udang,sotong yg dah direbus.

How To;
1. Potong roti gardenia kecil2..susun dalam pan jadikan base..1 layer pun cukup,yg penting filling nye gempak..hehehe
2. Sapukan preggo sauce rata2.
3. Taburkan tuna flakes yg dah dihancurkan..semuanya.
4. Tabur evenly bawang, capsicum, sausage, seafood, pineapple cube.
5. Then, taburkan grated cheese tadi, tebal2 tau...(errmmmm cheesy meesy..)..
6. Taburkan oregano.
7. Ready to the oven, baked at 180 degrees, until the cheese is completely melted..about 30 mins kot..try an error lah..hahahaha..

(kalo tak sure, buatlah sikit dulu..tapi be prepared org berebut nanti...sebab memang pizzalicious..hehehehehe)

Baked Teriyaki Dory & Buttered Rice

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Urmmmm..nampak delicious tak??
To my very personal humble taste, memang sedap!!!
Sekali-sekala, ubah selera kan..
Ok,here's the HowTo...stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingredients for Dory Fish
1. Dory fillet, beli kat frozen kat hypermarket
2. Teriyaki sauce, the best is Kikkoman
3. Sedikit dried rosemarry leaves

How To;
1. Marinate dory fish in teriyaki & rosemarry for 3 hours.
2. Bake in an oven at 200 degree until it is golden..tak ingat sangat how long sbb a few times increase the timer..but,approximately about 1 hour kot..
3. Make sure letak dlm aluminium foil masa bakar, so ikan tu tak melekat sgt kat bekas. Before bakar, letak sikit olive oil..
Ingredients for Grilled Vege;
1. Cuts of Japanese cucumber, carrot, green capsicum, & brocolli.
2. Olive oil.
3. Dried Basil. (masterfood's)
4. A pinch of salt.

How To:
1. Boil water in a pot. Bila dh mendidih, celur sayur2 tadi (1-2 min). Angkat & toskan.
2. Gaul dengan olive oil & tabur rata dengan basil.
3. Bakar dlm oven for 20 mins.
Ingredients for Mashed Potato
1. Kentang
2. Garam

How To;
1. Goreng kentang sampai garing. Masukkan garam sikit dalam kuali masa goreng tu.
2. Lecekkan sampai hancur.
(bagi sesiapa yg suka milky taste, boleh campur sikit dgn fresh milk)
Ingredients for Buttered Rice
1. Rice
2. Butter (4 tablespoon)
3. Minyak 1 sudu
4. 1 sudu besar sos tomato
5. 1 ketul bunga lawang, 3 ketul buah pelaga
6. Garam
7. Bawang kuning (bawang holand lah tu...)-chopped
8. Bawang putih 3 ulas -chopped

How To;
1. Panaskan minyak & panaskan butter sampai cair.
2. Tumis bawang kuning & putih bersama bunga lawang & buah pelaga.
3. Masukkan air (sama banyak dgn beras).
4. Masukkan sos tomato & garam, tunggu mendidih.
5. Masukkan nasi..biar sampai masak.

(ataupun,bila dah mendidih, tutup api..dan masukkan beras yg dah dibasuh tu dlm rice cooker & air sekali..Masak secara auto laaaaaggiiiii senang kan..)
Dah pun siap..senang kan...SELAMAT MENCUBA!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spagetti Bolognaise utk tekak Malaysian..

Hellooo everyone...
So,as promised, here comes the recipe..
Bear in mind, the original Italian recipe has been altered
in order to fulfill the tekak's requirement for Malaysian..haahahaha..

The Ingredients
1. San Remo spagetti (1 packet)
2. PREGO pasta sauce in Traditional & Roasted Garlic Parmesan
3. 1 tomato (if u wanted to make more sour, put in more)-chopped
4. Half of a carrot-chopped
5. Olive oil
6. Butter
7. Yellow onion (bawang holand)-chopped
8. Cili padi-chopped
9. Grounded black pepper
10. Minced beef, (kalo dpt yg daging tempatan lagi sedap..manis ataupun
beli je brand RAMLY)
11. Shredded Parmesan,Romano & Asiago cheese (if not,mana2 cheese for pasta pun will be ok)
12. Dried spice for Spagetti Bolognaise keluaran Masterfood's (kalo takde,Oregano je pun ok)

How To
1. Panaskan minyak dlm periuk. Tumis bawang & cili padi sampai garing & naik bau.

2. Masukkan tomato & carrot yg telah di potong2 dadu tadi.

This is the PREGO pasta sauce yg saya guna dlm masakan ni. Ada banyak lagi jenis & perisa,
but so far (pada tekak saya lah), PREGO is the best & kalau buat banyak,
combine this two flavours..kalau tak, just use the Roasted Garlic Parmesan sahaja..

3. After you toss the minced beef tu, masukkan je dalam periuk tadi.
Stir it well, until all the meat is cooked.

And this is the cheese, spices & olive oil used. Rasanya spice tu new in the market,
sebab dulu2 tak jumpa pun..Tapi,kalau takde in your area, u can just use Oregano je..
Tu pun dah cukup & memadai untuk bangkitkan rasa bolognaise tu..

4. Bila daging semua dah agak masak & kering airnya, barulah masukkan sauce tu.
Some people tambahkan air, but me don't. Sebab tu akan jadikan kuah tu
a little bit watery, which is tak berapa kick nanti..lagipun air daging tadi dah ada..

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5. Meanwhile, boil a pot of water, put in 2 tablespoon of butter, pastu celurkan spagetti.
Butter tu utk elakkan spagetti tu dari melekat2 & tangled.

6. Bila dah angkat spagetti tu, gaulkan dengan beberapa titis olive oil & tabur Spice tadi..ratakan.

Now,It's ready..

Shepherd's Pie

The Ingredients
1. Kentang, kalao boleh beli yg washed potato- rebus (unpeeled) dgn sedikit garam.
2. Sayur campur- a mix of cube carrot, peas & corns tu..
3. Minced beef, tempatan or RAMLY (strictly RAMLY)
4. Dried Rosemarry (Masterfood's)
5. Dried oregano (Masterfood's)
6. 2 egg yolks-beaten
7. Half yellow onion-chopped
8. A oven aluminium foil pan. (boleh beli kat Giant atau mana2 hypermarket)
9. 2 tablespoon butter
10. Worchesteshire Sauce

How To
1. Tumis bawang dalam butter yg telah dipanaskan, sampai garing.
2. Masukkan sayur campur.

3. Masukkan daging hancur, kacau sampai semua masak.

4. Bila air daging dah kering, masukkan Worchesteshire Sauce, rosemarry & oregano.
(1 tablespoon each,takpun agak2 je lah)

5. A pinch of salt.

6. Bila dah kering, tutup api.

7. Kentang tadi, bila dah empuk, toss kan. Tunggu sampai sejuk dulu ye,
baru peel kan kulit.
(the reason is, bila rebus sekali dgn kulit, rasa kentang tu lagi pure..but make sure basuh bersih2 dulu..that's why washed potato the better)

8. Bila dah peel, lecekkan kentang sampai hancur. Tambahkan egg yolk tadi,
dan kacau sampai ia sebati dgn kentang. (macam gambar kat atas)

9. Pastu, ratakan daging tadi kat dalam pan. Kemudian, top kan dengan
kentang lecek tadi.. Garis2 kan dengan garpu atas topping tu, to bring out the golden effect
bila bakar nanti.

10. Bake in an oven at 180-200 deg, for 45 mins or more..(sampai turn golden camni lah)

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Lemon Sauce

This is a special request for Dira dear..asking about how to make a lemon sauce.
Well,it depends Dira..(cehh,mentang2 lah org tanya Lemon Sauce kann..
terus cakap omputih...ok o,kita balik Malaysia balik yea...hahaha)
Actually, depends gak..kalo nak masak ayam (most common dishes) ada spice sikit lah,
kalo nak buat desserts..lain sikit..

Apa2,pun..lebih kurang rupa lemon sauce tu cenggini lah..

Ok, kita buat lemon sauce utk desserts dulu..
The Ingredients
1. Setengah cawan gula
2. Suku sudu garam
3. 1 cawan air panas
4. 1 sudu kulit limau yang di'grated' kan
5. 2 sudu (atau lebih) fresh lemon juice (perah sendiri la maknanya kannn..)
6. 1 sudu butter

How To
1. Panaskan pan. Masukkan gula,tepung jagung,garam & air.
2. Kacau sampai it turns thick.
3. Masukkan lemon peel, lemon juice & butter. Kacau2. Siap.

Boleh hidang atas puding, kek, aiskrim..macam dlm gambar ni.

Ok, now kita tengok pulak resepi sos lemon ni utk masakan lauk.
Biasanya ayam lah kan..
Resepi ni saya combine kan dengan dua tiga resepi yang saya cari.
Bagi saya, sos lemon untuk ayam kenalah berempah sikit.
Maklumlah,lauk untuk nasi kan..
But,please feel free to alter ye Dira..

The Ingredients
1. 2-3 (depends on your cooking) biji lemon-squeeze the juice
2. Suku sudu garam
3. Setengah cawan grated lemon peel
4. 1 sudu butter
5. 1 sudu chopped basil leaves
6. 1 sudu rosemary leaves
(basil & rosemary lih beli kat Giant/Carrefour/Tesco dlm bottle, mahal sikit lah)

How To
Mix kan semuanya. Panaskan atas api perlahan dalam 5-7 minit.
Siap dihidang dgn ayam goreng crispy
ayam panggang berempah.

Selamat Mencuba Dira...and others too!!!

Cerita biasa2 aje...

Masih belum terlambat rasanya utk saya ucapkan;
buat semua pembaca blog saya
whether announced or not,
you are great readers!!

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini dapat mengubah kita
menjadi insan yang lebih syumul & lebih mencintaiNya
Tuhan sekalian alam
Semoga Ramadhan kali ini dpt kita perbaiki amal ibadat kita
yang lalu, semoga kita berjaya merebut segala
kebaikan & faedah serta hidayah Ramadhan
yang sememangnya adalah yang terbaik
antara seribu bulan!!
Maka rugilah jika kita biarkan ia berlalu
without us being opportunistic about that!
(termasuklah saya yang sering alpa & lalai ini, ni pun saya belum
dirikan Solat Dhuha lagi, semalam pun lupa..

Sedang saya browse image ramadhan untuk di'paste'kan ke blog saya ni,
saya jumpa satu image yang agak kelakar
tapi memang menarik serta dalam maksudnya
And being a Muslim, it's like a winning feeling
to read that..
rasa macam nak boooooo aje kat 'somebody' tu

Hehehhe...padan muka dia kan...
Syaitan semua dah kena ikat, yang tinggal hanya nafsu kita sahaja..
Maka berjihadlah melawan nafsu
(which is the hardest thing to do..but we have to try our best)
May victory be ours..
Dah 4 hari saya tinggal berdua sahaja dgn Mr.Hubby di rumah..
My FIL is in Klang, as usual, taking care of his business
MyMIL is at her daughter's house in Shah Alam
(Mr.Hubby sent her there to be with her grandsons during this school break)
So,it's just the two of us!!
And I really cherish this moment..
And seem Mr.Hubby too...

Takpelah tak gi vacation oversea pun Sayang,
this is much much better & just enough for me..being with you
yes, just you..

Mr.Hubby dah 2 days kerja, departing at 9 in the morning,
and arriving at 2pm..everyday..
(thanks to his roster this month)
baru sahur tadi dia cakap, "bestnya, puasa kali ni lama betul dgn sayang"
You know, when your husband say that,
and you know he meant that..
you'd be in heaven lahhhh
melting wa cakap luuu..hehehe

Apa aktiviti kami bila tinggal berdua??
::jalan2 kat bazaar ramadhan::
::pegi sale metrojaya ari tu kat mid valley::
::tengok dvd sama2 like crazy,macam tak hengat dunia::
::berdua di meja makan pun terasa lebih romantiknya::
::hari ni nak pegi sale lagi::
::boleh tengok tv sambil manja2 (lebih sikit dari biasa,hehe)::
takkan nak citer semua kott???!!!:p


Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm DOWN!!!!...but only in few days..

You know I've been trying everything (most of everything)
to be called a mom-to-be...
And the last treatment I got, makes me 90% sure of its success...
With the doc's said that's nothing's wrong with me now..
everything is just like new..
saya menyesal!!!!

Right a week after the injection,
I started to feel period-like cramp around my lower abdomen
Saya teringat email kawan saya
(she get pregnant after 7 months of surgery)
she did tell me about the cramp she got in her early pregnancy
which made her to go & see the doctor..
and that is why I feel regret!!
Saya buat derrrkkkkk je about that cramp
sebab fikir saya, kalau pregnant pun, buat macam biasa..
don't make it too noticeable
(itu juga advice from some of my friends..)
Doktor cakap, tunggu period due date which is on the 17th,
and if by 20th still Cik P doesn't visit,
go for the UPT!!
that's what I was planning to do..
one sad day came
I woke up from bed, and that cramp is no more
I started feeling awkward
and there it came when I was having a shower..
terduduk jap atas toilet bowl..
My heart said, "what else I need to do?"
and the whole day is just a sighing day
to me & my darling Mr.Hubby

I am not a type of easy-giving-up person
I went to a pharmacy and get myself a UPT
saya harap2 saya bunting pelanduk
(pregnant tapi period macam biasa)
but again I was soooooooo wrong
I waited
10 mins
15 mins
20 mins
there was only 1 single line

I tried not to think about anything
My mind is free
soo free until I turned blurr & blank that day
but no tears
(bergenang sikit ada lah, itupun sebab tengok Mr.Hubby
tak tahu nak cakap apa to console my dissapointment..)

but it doesn't take that long
after I give a thought to The Creator
ini iradatMu tuhanku
aku akan tetap menunggu tanpa jemu

One thing for sure
I love Mr.Hubby eternally
and I just knew, he loves me unconditionally
our love is stronger
despite our 'monthly dissappointment'
yes, if only I went earlier to see the Dr Marsita
maybe there's 'him/her' inside me
so we could save him/her to stay longer inside me
but, if Allah wants that to happen
it will happen
if not..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Assalamualaikum everyone!! My new & existing friends..

I have created one more blog of mine, but specializing in Fashion & what it takes to be labeled as a fashion.. I've been dreaming to have a book on this topic, but still couldn't force myself yet to commit. So, just now, when I was browsing thru my other blog, hubbyscompanion.blogspot, it came across my mind, "why I'm not trying to put all my ideas into a blog first, and see how the acceptance by my own friends??" And it sounds great you see, because, surveying before buying is always been a good thing to do right??

Well, I'm not that 'qualified' to talk about fashion.
I'm not that so-called trend-follower to be called a fashionista.
(not a fashion victim too!!!)
Of all, I'm not Victoria Beckham!!!! (hahaha)

But I'm always feel comfortable with what I'm wearing..
I'm always feel good in whatever situation I am..(minus that PMS condition lah..)
I guess, I'm always trying to dress decently with the event I'm attending..
and that's why, I think, people around me always ask my tips on fashion..
and yet, I'm only giving them ideas & opinions, to my knowledge & experience..
no such thing as feeling super-advanced or superwoman to teach everything to other people,
but if people are happy to seek advice, I'm more that pleased to share..

So, this blog came with the idea of SHARING..
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Resepi mudah nak buat ikan bakar..

Blend sumer bahan2 diatas..
tambah garam & gula..
racik-racikkan daun kunyit..tabur

Pastu tumis..minyak extra sikit ye..
Boleh simpan dlm peti ais, bila nak bakar ikan..guna je..

new entry but delayed

there is one new entry, on trying to conceive
which I started in late of July but only be able to post it today..

Anyone want to know about it,
you may CLICK HERE

It might be a reference for those who has the same purpose like me!!

Nak pregnant!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kerapu Bakar

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This entry is specially dedicated to Ms Ana & CheZa..with a humble sorry ye..
Ko nak tau tak sebab apa aku mintak maap awal2??

:: aku hanya beli sos ikan bakar yg dah siap kat dungun::

Jadi,aku hanya lumur je kat ikan..
then bakar..that's all..
sambil2 tu tambah sos tu supaya ikan tu tak kering sangat..
sos tu dah siap masak pun, dah ditumis..
memang senang..
and most importantly..
mak suka!!!!!

Sos tu bukan di 'commercially' packed pun..
Aku beli dgn kawan abg ipar aku yg mmg meniaga ikan bakar kat Dungun tuu..

Nak ke???

But,i do have a recipe (yg lain lah) if you wanna try..
Just let me know ok dear...

Jangan maraaa aaa...

Siakap Rangup Sos Plum

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The Ingredients:
Ikan Siakap
3 ulas bawang merah - dibelah 4
4 ulas bawang putih - dibelah 3
5-6 biji cili padi - dibelah 2
6-7 hiris halia
2-3 sudu besar sos plum (kat giant/carrefour/tesco ada jual)
3-4 helai daun limau purut
Special part; 3-4 keping asam kulit limau/asam boi putih/serbuk asam boi

How To:
1. Gaul ikan siakap dengan garam & kunyit. Deep fry kan dia sampai garing.
Ting tong, petua: Taknak bagi ikan tu melekat kat kuali, masukkan beberapa keping asam gelugur (asam keping) dlm minyak gorengan..biar je dia garing hitam legam dlm tu.

2. Angkat & ketepikan.

3. Panaskan 2 sudu minyak, tumiskan bawang merah, bawang putih, halia & cili padi.

4. Kemudian masukkan air dalam 2 gelas. Masukkan bahan2 lain tu sekaligus.

5. Masukkan garam sesedap rasa. Kemudian, masukkan ikan siakap tadi, renehkan sehingga kuah jadi pekat likat.. (tutup kuali supaya aromanya tak hilang ke alam sekitar..hehe)

6. Bila dah agak kering, angkat & hidangkan..

Kari Ketam

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The Ingredients:
Ketam - of course lah
Serbuk kari
Daun kari
3 ulas bawang merah dimayang
1 ulas bawang putih dimayang
2 hiris halia dimayang halus
Air asam jawa
Sedikit serbuk pati ayam (sekadar ikut iklan tuu)

How To:
1. Panaskan minyak dlm kuali. Tumis bawang merah, bawang putih, daun kari & halia.

2. Gaul rempah kari dgn semangkuk air asam jawa. Bila bawang garing & naik bau, masukkan rempah. Tunggu sehingga garing.

3. Masukkan ketam, balik-balikkan..

4. Masukkan santan. Saya suka kuah kari yang cair, saya tak suka yang pekat rempah maupun pekat santan..

5. Percikkan sedikit serbuk pati ayam buat menambah perisa..Perisa apa ntah..hehehe

6. Bila dah mendidih & pecah minyak, masukkan garam.. Siap sudah...


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