Saturday, September 5, 2009

Layered Yummylicious...

Helloooooo everyone!!!
Kinda miss u a lot lah...muahhssss!!!
Tempting..isn't it???
Me too...hua hua hua huaa...
I was never liked Layer Cake..
Once I favour a Betawi Layer Cake, originated from Indonesia..
I love the taste of cinnammon & spices inside
But, today's betawi cake is never like before..

Today, it is more taste like just a butter cake
With no more pandan extract
replaced with colouring..
shocking green in kuih is no beautiful to my eyes

While I adore the uniqueness of Sarawak Layer cake
those with bright, colourful, patterned cake
And I heard they even bake one with M.A.W.I name inside it
(only can be seen when we cut the cake)
creative, that's the word..
But, forgive me..I am 'horrified' with the fake colours
Thus making me to have a kind of thought
"ooohhh cake ni hanya untuk decor kott"
(pleaseeeee no offence to those layer cake lovers out there..)
(as ones liking is very very subjectives kannn)

Somehow, I fall in love with this one..
this particular one Sarawak Layer Cake..
which I found not only the cake
but also I see the purity & honesty inside it..
that's the value, at least...
Thank You so much to the chef for the pure & original ingredients
you use
NEVER...feel being cheated anymore..

The Chef only use original cream cheese & Van Houten cocoa
resulted in this marvellous cake
He makes sure he bake not more than 5 to 6 cakes a day
in order to maintain its quality, its authenticity
(not in bulk like some of the Layer Cake manufacturer)

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So, care to feel the same as me?
Why don't you grab the chance, take the challenge..(hehehe mcm amazing race plak)
You will never knew until you have tasted it on your own..

I'm not a dealer, nor a distributor..
But, since I'm ordering mine
so I just feel attracted to share it with you here

It's RM130/= per cake (weigh approx. 1.8-1.9kg)
The postage cost is inclusive..
since dia punye texture sgt padat & mampat, you all tak perlu
potong besar2 or tebal2..cut into cubes pun boleh..
makan sikit dah cukup
unless you are really really die hard fan of cheese cake
boleh makan in big portion in once
adussssss mak tak boleh nyahh!!!
tapi saya mesti makan ulang2

And one more thing,
The Chef told me..
if you keep it refrigerated, lih tahan 1 year tauuu!!!
(tipulah kan,takkan kedekut bebenor sampai sebiji kek tahan setahun)
ngeh ngeh ngeh

Order confirmation latest by 11th ye..
(sbb I nak deliver kat you all lagi, then nak balik kampung lagi)


Zawiyah said...

hehe..ujie. mcm best! tp harga tu buat aku fikir 2-3 kali. (aku dah la already order kek lapis from my friend and my fav biskut raya). have to ask my hb dulu la deh. kalau dia agree. nti aku kabo ko mu deh before 11th.

chujie said...

okey wokey...


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