Thursday, July 30, 2009

Further treatment..

Entry ni sebenarnya dah lama..
Supposedly I put it in on last 29th July, but you know,
sometimes the words didn't come out..

On the last 28th was my 12th day of cycle,
I went to see Dr Marsita for a follicles scanning..
Alhamdulillah, there is one on my left side measured about 22mm..
and another one from my right side with a size of 17mm..
Alhamdulillah..the size is good!

Then, Dr Marsita looked so excited about it, while me & Mr Hubby still in "yes-that's it-what's next" mode..blurrr ler tu maknanya..hehhe
Doc said, "let's plan"..
Then she asked us whether we wanted to do the IUI or
wanted to try normal again..
We choose normal..because this is my first time TTC (trying to conceive)
with the help of Letrozole..
Last time,I wasn't come for 12th day screening so the we actually wasted
the Letrozole..ntah hape2 lah saya waktu tu..
buat pandai2 sendiri pulak..

Since we are trying normal, Doc gives me this thing, which scares me a lil bit after that.

This is Ovidrel, a solution for injection. The box consists of 1 pre-filled syringe
contains 250micrograms/0.5ml.

Doc planned for Timed Intercourse. Since my follicles is big enough, she gave me this injection for me to inject myself (whatttt??????) at my tummy (again whattt????)
for the purpose of follicles rupture to accept the sperms.

Well, this is NOT my tummy ok..I just google the picture for you to have a view of it.

Urmm..I think I might not scared whatever injection or surgery
done to me by a doctor,
but injecting this myself is really haunting me.
I kept thinking of it after coming back from hospital,
(i'm supposed to do it on the 29th @10am)
and I did try..try means I open the box,holding the syringe..
and damnnn..I just couldn't do it!!

"Syg, jom pegi klinik jap nak..I nk mintak tolong doktor injectkan lah."
"Klinik mana?"
"Mana2 je lah asalkan ada doktor"
You might be thinking, why Mr Hubby is not helping me
injecting the solution??
The answer is simple..
haahahhaa..laaaaaaagiii haru dari saya..

Then,we go to Poliklinik Syifa' kat Tmn Seroja nearby,
talked to the doctor, and jap..
and I pay rm5 for that!!!
Now,go back Ujie just wait for the follilcles to rupture..

And this Uterogestan 100mg..a progestrone for vaginal route.
Comel sangat pil ni, macam pearl..
This is a hormone, to be inserted into the vagina into the uterus,
for 7 days, 2 in the morning & 2 in the evening
This hormone is for making my uterus to not contract during intercourse
so that the sperms will travel smoothly to the ovum..

And, if I'm conceive (alhamdulillah), this hormone will make the fertilized eggs
to calmly stay put inside & to protect it within the travel from the tube
to the uterus, a place where the baby is developing.

So, that's it..
And with doa & efforts, we just wait & hope for the rezeki
& perkenan dariNya..

Doc said, if by 20th of Aug, Cik P tak dtg, I have to straight away
do the pregnancy test..
And if it is Positive (hopefully so Ya Allah), I should immediately see her..

So, let's pray Sayang..
and you guys too..doa for us ok!!!


Zawiyah said...

Ujie..thanx for sharing! aku doakan semoga semua usaha mu kali ni berjaya..insyaAllah..

chujie said...

thank u very much cza..

aS_c0mei said...

salam mmg bookmark lama dah blog akak.igt nak link kat blog saya.boleh kan?sy dok taman ixora je.hehe.akak dok taman mana ni?

sy tgk entry akak ni.berminat nak tau lebih lanjut pulak.mahal ke treatment ni kak?dr marsita tu kat mana?tp ini sepatutnya 29 ogos ke julai maksuk akak? blur je...

chujie said...

nak link kat blog?boleh je..silakan..

sorry,salah type tu,29 july..

akak rasa,as pun ada problem yg sama gak kan..tu yg interested tu..treatment ni semua taklah mahal sgt,tp sbb private tahu2 je lah..maybe price kat situ a lil bit up drpd hospital kerajaan..kalo x silap,injection tu rm160,uterogestan tu rm70.. Try lah pegi jumpa Dr Marsita tu,akak recommend sgt2..dia kat Pantai Med Ctr,kat bangsar..

Anonymous said...

dr marsita is a big liar


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