Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A promise being made..

I guess I could tell you guys the
long-time-delayed stories of mine

Mr.Hubby will be off to work tomorrow early morning..
so I guess I'll have plenty of time
to be with you..
(teramat lah perasan cekonon ada orang yg tgh tunggu entry2 aku..hehe)

So,till tomorrow..
I wish I could spend hours with you
sharing things that had given my life
more meanings lately..

Good Night everybody!!
Sweet dreams..

1 comment:

Zawiyah said... last! ada gak entry dari mu..
aku pun jarang blogging skrg..since dah bz kat sekolah skrg ni..huhu..aku tgu entry kawan2 je la..penawar di kala aku stress.


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