Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lamb Kebab @Tarbush

Tadi saya & Mr.Hubby sang cintahati berjalan-jalan
membuang masa yg dah memang terbuang
di Sunway Piramid.
Mr.Hubby wanted to get his hair cut
at his usual x-cut salon..
He's getting a free 5th cut today..
Tu yang pulun masuk gak punye pasal..

Being ME & being HIM..
we are both indeed all-time in a hungry mode..
Mr.Hubby insists to eat something heavy
coz' he's off to work after that evening..
I showed him Ichiban Ramen...don't want
I pointed to Wendy's...refused
I mention Chicken Hartz Buffet...portion too big
We passed by Wafer World..."kan I kata nak mkn heavy??"
(warghhhh Hngry Man is an Angry Man..)
until I said..kebab...
arghhhh memang sah lah dia nak
that is his to-die-for menu

So,here I was..
at Tarbush Express
waiting for our lamb kebab..
I opted lamb because according to "Eat Right to Your Blood Type",
I musn't eat beef..even though I am not really fancy lamb..

Takpe lah, Mr.Hubby memang suka lamb pun..
We just ordered 1 kebab since we are going to find another 'proper heavy meal'
somewhere afterward..
So kebab was just for appetizer..

And the kebab was here..
I had my first bite
He had his first bite
Then me 'ngap' again
Then his turn
Me again

"Syg,u order lain boleh tak..I nak makan sumer lah.."
(what a greedy-but-honest wife I have been..hahaha)

Serious,tak tipu..
the kebab was soooooooo delicious
and lamb is now one of my likings
I think they mix the meat with olive oil
because I could taste the salty part of it, with the sour part from the shredded tomato,
and the crunchy onion
You're gonna love it!!!
Just love it!!

So,whenever you are in Sunway Pyramid,
please once opt for a Tarbush Express Lamb Kebab..
No regret & no turning back..

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