Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Assalamualaikum everyone!! My new & existing friends..

I have created one more blog of mine, but specializing in Fashion & what it takes to be labeled as a fashion.. I've been dreaming to have a book on this topic, but still couldn't force myself yet to commit. So, just now, when I was browsing thru my other blog, hubbyscompanion.blogspot, it came across my mind, "why I'm not trying to put all my ideas into a blog first, and see how the acceptance by my own friends??" And it sounds great you see, because, surveying before buying is always been a good thing to do right??

Well, I'm not that 'qualified' to talk about fashion.
I'm not that so-called trend-follower to be called a fashionista.
(not a fashion victim too!!!)
Of all, I'm not Victoria Beckham!!!! (hahaha)

But I'm always feel comfortable with what I'm wearing..
I'm always feel good in whatever situation I am..(minus that PMS condition lah..)
I guess, I'm always trying to dress decently with the event I'm attending..
and that's why, I think, people around me always ask my tips on fashion..
and yet, I'm only giving them ideas & opinions, to my knowledge & experience..
no such thing as feeling super-advanced or superwoman to teach everything to other people,
but if people are happy to seek advice, I'm more that pleased to share..

So, this blog came with the idea of SHARING..
Furthermore..Sharing is Caring, am I right??

To those who wanna have a look, click HERE..

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marziana said...

hello..i stumbled upon your blog when i was searching info on dr masitah and ivf..i learned that ur also one of her patient..i just want to get to know u and share experience with regard to ivf treatment..maybe kalau sudi u can email me..


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