Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moving out..feeling happy or creepy?

Huhhhhh!!! Sighing & sighing again & again..

We are moving out at the nearest time. Of course am soooo happy because that Heaven is finally completed after 5 years of construction.. (it's a long story lah..and i don't want to cut it short those who know,they know).. But i'm too hate about this uneasiness sort-of feeling..

Living with 'old-timer' couple has its own pro & cons.. One of the things that i have to bear with is they have a lotttttt of stuff in the house. I don't care much if those stuff are still can be used..what i mean here is unused stuff, 'out-of-order' household items which is a lot in my house right now,worthless kitchen utensils,old torn bags/briefcases,'out-of-set' dishwares,expired medicines, and many many many name it!!

More headache is,they are packing those up for moving to our new house..Mak me!! I've told them,me & Mr.Hubby will pack the things which we think is worth bringing to our new place,but oh my goodness...i'm blessed with such hardworking Mum & Sis..

After 6 years of marriage, i think it is time now for me to 100% control what is good, and what is not for my own house. And i don't want it to look like our present house..camne ni????? Sometimes i give-up handling this thing..but the deeper part inside me want to fight. Mr.Hubby suggests we should have a maid, at least we could direct her what to do according to our know,most of us have our own 'Piawaian Rumahtangga''s just difficult when the officer below us is more senior,you get me or not?? A maid??? Ermmm.. This means the number of people in the house increasing.. But, afraid of things getting worse, i might consider it back..

Difficult huh?? So, to those friends who think "ohhh how nice & easy life you have Ujie..", do think it back!! Mental kena kuat wooooo!!!

***Sigh again***


naqliyah said...

it's time now ujie...tabik kat u ni mmg penyabar!
maybe you must do it in a very polite manner...nak kena jaga hati org tua.

buddy said...

MAid? Of course would lead you to easier life of doing the housechores. Tapikan...camne nk cakap yer?..Nanti kita jumpala..chit-chat..Mcm masalh negara plak.hehehhehe..Biler nk berangkat ke daerah baru ni?...

chujie said...

aku tau..nnt nak pegi mana2 kena bwk maid tu sekali,privacy kureng..kalu tak bawak kang,abih brg rumah dia bawak lari plak.. aku ingat nak cari maid tua,around 60's yg husband-wife..mcm dlm drama2 tu..Mak Limah kerja dlm rumah,Pak Ali jadi tukang kebun..huargh huargh!! Mana nak cekau duit tuuuuu??????

chujie said...

thanks ina..mengadu kat Dia yg satu lagi senang..dah tentu Dia leh tolong..
(that's what i always do!!)


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