Friday, December 7, 2007

Craving Mate!!!!!

What will you do to fill your time if you,everyday, all day long, become a co-pilot, seating in a car? For me, after tired of talking, joking & telling all the stories that came to my mind to Mr.Hubby, (of course he is the driver!), I will just sit in silence. For a while. Mr.Hubby knows this is time for me to re-charge my battery. Or for me to find another story from another world to share or to make him laugh.To kill our time.

While in silence, my eyes normally will look around, outside the window. Eyes will catch each & every word, everything they can reach. Then, yesterday, as we passed by Jalan Banting on the way to Salak Tinggi, somewhere in Olak Lempit, (do you guys know the area? at least I think my ex-collegemates sure know the way!) then all of sudden I screamed, "Stoppppp the car!!!!!!" macam FBI pun ader..hahaha. It was time for Mr.Hubby to show his skill, when he stopped the car few steps ahead a fruit stall. He looked at me in a 'pontianak style'..

Mr.Hubby : Apsal?
Me : Nak tuuuu.... (pointing to the stall)
Mr.Hubby : Haaa???..Sedapnyeee...

It was this that responsible for the incident..

Me : I'll cook Masak Lemak Tempoyak for you ye Sayang...

Again, Mr.Hubby's diet program just gone with the wind...

He's away today, but I just couldn't wait to taste the tempoyak sensation so I cooked masak lomak cili padi tempoyak for lunch.

Sodap hingga menjilat jari !!!!!!


ur gossiping buddy said...

oloohhhhh...Gua tak makeeenn(with minah saleh slang) tem-poo-yeekk. Tapi gua makeennn buuu-dduuuuu. Aci gitu?

Anna said...

ujie...sedapnya masak tempoyak... uhuk..uhuk.....sudah meleleh air liurku ini....huhuhuhu


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