Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eating & Shopping, great Mind Therapy

We had a long list of things-to-do last Sunday when suddenly I pop-out “Happy Birthday” to my sis-in-law, Ati, which, she herself forgot that date! Pretty preoccupied with her work at the office, I guess..or get immersed with the engagement get-ready-things. So,we just had a light breakfast (roti canai, isn’t it light? because we are celebrating her birthday at the Manhattan Fish Market, again..just like last year when we went there to ‘be blessed’ with her first salary..

We first drove to Subang Parade, just to have a one-round-drive at the parking bay then Mr.Hubby suggested that we should have a look at the newly-refurbished Sunway Pyramid. Wow! It’s larger than large, enough space to have my brisk walking exercise done.

We arrived & be seated in the Manhattan Fish Market restaurant at about 3.50pm, then only we came across a promo said "Free Coffee, 5-6pm". After we had a mind-cramping meeting, then slowly Mr.Hubby walked out from the restaurant, followed by Ayah, Me, Mak & Ati..hehehe. We will be back at 5pm..just to make sure we could participate in that promo to get Free Coffee.

My must-order menu..Seafood Platter For Two, with cheesy flamming prawn.

Yesterday, as a normal routine, we were back on the road again. First to the Accounting Department at the Subang Airport, solving the unsolved matters of Mr.Hubby. Went to Staff Travel counter, argghhh long queue.. ohh that must be we are now in school holiday, so everybody is planning for a great vacation with their children..so let it be! We went straight to Kakak’s place. Had a Penang Laksa for lunch at the Kakak’s house with MamaUllya as our honorary guest.Hehehe.. Finally,managed to hand over the cheese after days of melt-and-solidify process (from my car into the fridge). Happy Cheesy my fren!

It’s true you know, if we perseveringly targeted something, we will get it. Sound serious, didn’t I? Yup, besides applying these rule of thumb to anything else, I do practice it in shopping.. Hahaha..You got it!! It’s been months since I last shop for new cloth.. so my mind has not been on therapy since then. Poor me. While Mr.Hubby performed his Marghrib prayer (oh yaa..we were at Subang Parade,my so-called Second Home), I were scrutinizing every shop then my eyes caught the bunting at the Somerset Bay said, “SALE”. My eyes acted like a binocular, zooming inside of the shop & yes, reliable! Up to 70% my friend!! So, I got myself in therapy for 20 mins & walked out with these…

Pinky English-type Blouse.

I like the sleeve..the ribbon idea. Mr.Hubby sighed after I showed him the blouse. “nanti sure I yang kena ikat ribbon tu..” Borrowing Kakak’s term – Baju Cik Abang Sayang..you sure need him to wear this.

Not just the ribbon at the sleeve Sayangku…See the blouse-length buttons at the back? “Ohhhh…I can’t reach that too.. Help me pleaseeee!!!”(Mr.Hubby sighed again)

Long awaited ‘lawyer-shirt’.. Now it’s in my closet..

On the way to Carrefour, my tummy met her friend from Thailand. Mr.Hubby just said, “Again?”
Not this mak cik Siam lah…

It is this..SOM TAM.. Urrmmm. That mak cik asked, “pedas or kurang pedas?” I chose the latter, but somehow, it still producing a burning sensation to the taste, made me thought, “Did that mak cik asked, pedas or memang pedas?”


ur gossiping buddy said...

glemer i ..the honorary guest...I've seen u wearing the so called "LAwyer Shirt".. Tp di mana yaaaa?

chujie said...

oohhhh...reminds me of that painful feet..


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