Monday, December 17, 2007

Days at IJN

Being busy with 'in-law responsibilities' these few days, instead of updating, I was just being able to be a loyal observer to my own blog. Hahahaha..
My FIL was admitted to IJN last week, for an angioplasty again, for the 3rd time. It was a normal procedure as a preparation for a heart by-pass operation in March next year. Watching my FIL suffered from the pain, this is my 2nd time experience, (the 1st being witnessing my late beloved father suffering from lung cancer in 1992), I must admit, smoking is bad, very bad silent killer. Yup, it's all because of smoking. At this very moment, I thank Allah for blessing me with a non-smoking husband. Not saying that no smoking,no pain but at least, it lessen the percentage of probability.

Ayah was enjoying the cakes that I fight-to-get from Secret Recipe. In ward before was shifting to proper room.
Kak Alice was luxuriate her lunch, camping at the ward.

Ayah after the 6-hour procedure being done. So weak & tired.

The room finally became a Cyber Cafe, since there was a free IJN Hotspot wireless broadband service. Heaven for Mr.Hubby & Lan. And I was the 'coffee lady' for the rest of the days at IJN.

Bear in mind!! That was not the doctor. Ba'ad was practising his skill at something while Kak Alice (on the chair) trying to give a supermodel pose to the camera.

Look, that's what I call, 'time utilizing'. Finishing my Beads & Sequin work on kak teh's baju kurung. Kak Alice was still with her supermodel pose.

I dont want to show off my skill, but they really insist..

I know! I know! You must be so impressed. I shyly smile to your compliments. Hahahaha..

Mak, who is loyal as a shoulder to cry on, to his husband.

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Zawiyah said...

aku dah baca entry ni dulu..nape la aku leh tak perasan chujie duk congok2 menjahit manik tu..huhu..
sorry my dear..aku rasa mu dah boleh start balik la using ur skill tu.jgn abaikan ya.


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