Monday, December 17, 2007

Aku nak marah!!

Last 2 days, we (me & my usual mate, Mr.Hubby) went to Kompleks PKNS, Shah Alam to collect his sandals at the cobbler. I was so starving like piranha (ada ke idiom macam ni?) when I saw a banner at the Kyros Kebab outlet. Wow... too tempting to let go. It looked really delicious, making my hungry tummy 'kriiiokkk'ing unashamedly. Mulanya aku dah siap berdiskusi dgn Mr.Hubby nak makan KFC Meltz Meltz (yg iklannya Salsa?BBQ berkeju?Salsa?BBQ berkeju?). But, since we first passing by KyrosKebab, and saw the ads, and I was unbearably laporrr bagai nak giler,we decided on Kyros instead of KFC.Fine.

We went through the menu, I decided on Chicken Tandoori Sandwich, which I have tasted before at Sogo. Quite big size sandwich, enough for lunch,I thought. (I was too afraid to gamble on other dish because don't want to get dissapointed in the middle of this hungriness.) Mr.Hubby chose a Kebab In Croissant, he is a number 1 'fan' of kebab for your info, give him anything in the name of kebab, he'll just grab it,no objection!

Mine cost RM8.90+ & so with KebabInCroissant. Yang aku hangen satu badan ni, what we get is not what we saw. Dalam menu bukan main lagi berhias sandwich dengan salad menghijau, bawang2 dibiar bulat-bulat..nampak fresh even just a sandwich. Croissant pun sama. A far cry from the one in the menu. Kenapa, susah sgt ke nak buat sama,sebijik sejibun dgn yg dalam menu tu? Lari sgt ke costing nye? I'll report this to the management. Hey! It's your menu picture that made me willing to spend at your outlet, it was a great annoyance to me, being cheated like this. Aligned with Hari Hak Asasi Sedunia this month, I'll fight for my rights! Aku gerammmmmmmm..nak tengok gambar??? Tak caya? Ok..

This is the menu version of Kebab In Croissant

This is the one we get... Kempis macam perut lepas bersalin..

This is the menu version of Chicken Tandoori Sandwich..

This is the one we get.. Macam burger budak2 yg "taknak sayur ye, bawang pun taknak, letak sos aje"..

After all, I strongly discourage all of you to savor any two dishes of these at Kyros Kebab PKNS Kompleks, Shah Alam. Sogo outlet is ok. Kita hidup saling pesan-berpesan kan???

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your gossiping buddy said...

hkahkahkahkahkahkah...terkedu aku tgk gambi si kempis tu..


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