Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Easy Recipe from my Heavenly Kitchen..

Ceasar Salad
One of Mr.Hubby's menu in his "Kill-the-Starving-Tummy" program.

Wash & toss the salad (Romaine Lettuce). In the meanwhile, prepare other ingredients.

Parmesan Cheese. Grate the cheese like this. More cheese the tastier the salad.
Shredded parboiled boneless chicken.
Parboiled egg. Sliced into four.

Gently break the leaves into slightly larger than bite-size pieces and put into bowl.

Add dressing sparingly, gently tossing salad until the leaves are barely coated.

Add parmesan cheese and croutons (small diced or shaped pieces of fried bread used to garnish soup and salads) to the lettuce and gently toss.

Add a pinch of crushed black pepper & serve with egg slices..

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