Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!

Mak Oiiiiii...it's been 3 weeks since I last updated this blog.. Simple reason, don't have enough time..

Happy New Year everybody..hope this year brings much much better luck and more achievement we can proud of. I entered the 2008 entrance with mostly the same wishes- to be a good wife,to earn more,to be more health-conscious in terms of diet & fitness exercise, bla bla bla..but there's one strong desire to achieve something new.. BE A SUCCESSFUL FOREX TRADER.. hahahaha..why forex? Again, it's really beyond my expectation,I never dreamt to be one, when it happened, it's just happened!

So, I finished (for first round) learning thru Babypips.com, which I personally think, I can master the knowledge if I re-learn it for the second or maybe the third time.. Theoretically passed, now I'm in the process of becoming a 'pretender trader' by opening a demo account on IBFX.. I finally find a 'guru' in this field-he's staying in Bandar Botanic, which is nearby before I'm moving to Salak Tinggi, and he advised me to practice on demo account for at least 2 months. At the moment I said 'yes', I was still unclear and the negative part inside me keep on haunting, asking whether is this a very wise decision to venture in??? I'm trying very hard to stay on track and yet I'm very grateful because Mr.Hubby is also into this. At least I'm not alone in this so-called 'forex battle'.

Then, when I decided to turn my back to any conventional business, this offer came in. I was offered to run a Convenience Store (my own label/brand name) at the new-coming bus-stops at 3 locations- in front of Subang Parade/Carrefour, Section 14,PJ & nearby Kompleks PKNS,Shah Alam.. What a superb location for business!!! Ermmm.. Considering Malay Proverb into account: Maut jgn dicari,rezeki jgn ditolak: I agreed to try my luck. Again, Mr.Hubby does it all to support.

This is what we called, takder kerje cari kerje, when I'm now packed with paperwork, design drafts & all those profit/revenue forecasts. The dateline is end of January..Gosh!!!! It's 8th today, means I still have about 22 days to go, but gotta minus with 1-week Johannesburg trip, balance is 15 days & it's counting.. When to finish the designs? When to select the suppliers? Seriuosly, I need to apply the "First Thing First" right now..

Friends, wish me luck!! By the way, wanna help??

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teman umpatan said...

aku bole tolong..TOLONG wish GOOD LUCK. :)


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