Friday, January 18, 2008

I meal,my shoes,my site,my dressing...

It's been a long,tiring day as usual yesterday. We went out for 'daily duty' at 11am,heading first to Sun Tat Li, at Jln Kapar, made a payment for Salak Tinggi carpentry work. Then, straight to Subang Terminal for 2 reasons: 1)Mr.Hubby is going for a FREE ear check-up, hoping for a FREE (again) Ear Waxing (but he couldn't get the recommendation from the doctor..hahaha). 2)To collect my Johannesburg ticket.

Doc on duty : Haaa..ok pun. Taik telinga pun takde, No need for ear waxing lah ye..
Mr.Hubby : Iye ke? ermm..ok lah.

While waiting for Mr.Hubby's checking, I went to Surau for Zohor prayer, when I was then feeling so hungry due to over-cooled aircond temperature setting at the whole building.Then,I received an sms from him when I suddenly discover that the Surau is next to the cafetaria. Yahooo!!! (my hungry tummy shouted happily)

His : I tunggu kat med centre.Kalau lapar,makanlah dulu.
Mine : Dah order dah pun..

It was a big bigggg lunch with a large-portion of Thai Fried Rice, 7-pcs cekodok bilis & a glass of Nescafe.

Mr.Hubby came 10 mins later with a friend, asking me, "U ni lawyer ke?" I was stunning at his question (with a mouthful of nasi goreng),then only I understand why he's saying that. Look at my attire for the day...

I was dressing up totally in black & white, office-like wonder lah...

Soon after, we drove to Section 14,PJ doing a site research on my C-store project. And tell you what, it's been ages since I last went there,and I never liked PJ until yesterday. It's damn changed! The whole thing... with Jaya Shopping Centre been refurbished (just a Cold Storage inside), and with a newly (new ke?) Jaya 33 Shopping Centre, I must say, Sec 14 is the place... There are 2 bus stops by the main road,and surprisingly both are cramped with commuters.. My eyes sparkling with a RM signs..hehehe..

We have a walk at the vicinity, and found our great great competitor-to-be at the area. 7-eleven is on the inner side, nearby Pasar Besar and KIOSK is facing Digital Mall.We already familiar with 7-eleven,so we stepped into KIOSK outlet. Mr.Hubby was properly park the car when I went into the shop,impatiently I SMSed Mr.Hubby;

My sms: Easily we can beat Kiosk. 100% sure!! (confident tu nyah!!!)

Next to Kiosk is a BATA shop where I put another hope to find for a pair of shoes which I have been searching for a month, I guess.. Saw 1-rejected (bulky). Saw 2-rejected (heels too high). Saw 3- ermmm ,design OK,comfortability OK,heels ,YESSS!!!This is what i've been looking for..

Design is nice, not too sporty nor corporate-looking either.

The heels are perfect. Good for a long walk.

Price is much better..not even reaching RM100 like normal comfort brands offerings.

Conclusion : AKU SUKAAAAA!!!!! Now,I can prepare for my Johannesburg trip with easy mind..

Reading the berrysprattling's blog, reminds me of the day out. We walk walk after the lunch,and MamaUllya managed to get the long-awaited red slip-on (didn't she tell you that??) and me?? I can only reveal one purchase, it's a modern baju kurung at Kassa.I wished to own this since Aidilfitri sale last year and now only I can afford to buy, because the price has been slashed giler babe...lagi sekali: AKU SUKAAAA!!!!!


mamaullya said...

allo lawyer!!!...Im so jealous with ur baju kurung. The one that i like n suits my body well is way too expensive...

Red shoes?aa'hh lupa la...Sebab dh sorok kt peti simpana rahsia..Ahaksss

Hanum said...

isykkk... sedeynye raya kat cni first time takde baju raya baru... it's look like raya thn2 akan dtg ni pun aku takde baju kurung baru... isykkk...isykk... :(


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