Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Arriving in Johannesburg..23/01/08

Alhamdulillah, I have safely landed at Johannesburg airport at 5.45am. The temperature outside was reported 18C, which is very nice, I guessed. This was my first time be on 747 First Class – sleeping is better than that in 777 Business Class. Mana taknye, when we feel sleepy & want to rest (sleep), just call one of the crew & they will make your bed with the fitted bedsheet, cover you with that Duvey (dunno the right spelling lah) & give you that fluffy pillow. It is better than 777 because the seat can be inclined to 180 degree.

These pictures were all taken during my flight, conscious & unconsciously (Mr.Hubby memang suka amik gambar aku dlm flight..mcm takde kerja lain plak..tahulah paxing je).

Compared to other airport I’ve ever been, Joburg (other name for Johannesburg) is a confusing one, but maybe because there is a construction in progress. We have to walk about 10 mins passed the Passport Control through all corners of the building to our hotel shuttle. Kalau sorang2, mmg takleh carilah..

The journey from airport to hotel took about an hour, not because of the distance but due to the heavy traffic – it was about 7am, people are rushing to work. I was impressed by the building designs & exterior work- never expected that in Joburg indeed. (ingatkan negara miskin penuh dgn rumah haram je..hik hik). Mr.Hubby told me that the area of our hotel ni by comparison, is some sort like Damansara Height in KL. Kiranya up class area lah gitu..Patut lah aku nampak bersih je, rumah pun cantek2.Tourist or even local people rarely go to town area because the crime rate is very very high. People can get shot easily even on the road. Notorious. It’s really really not safe. So ,our hotel, Protea Balalaika Hotel, is on the outskirt side, ‘safe & sound’. Despite of being a ‘safe area’, almost every houses & premises has an electric fencing. Menakutkan betul..

There are many motel type hotel (apa nii??) on the way to our hotel. Motel-type, to my definition, is like a low-rise hotel, and normally building layout is ‘menjalar’ on the ground, not like our hotel yg selalu MAS bagi, sure yg high rise, no balcony, standard ah gitu..(I was first presumed). So, I said to Mr.Hubby, who was ‘calmly’ sitting next to me (mengantuk lah tu..):

Me : Why MAS doesn’t provide us with that style of hotel huh?
Mr.Hubby : Naper? You suka ke?
Me : A’ah.. Cantek & more relaxing..because I feel closer to ground..hehe.

Mr.Hubby diammmm je..

Soon after, we arrive at the hotel..WOW!!! Akak sukaaaa… It’s sort of the one that I’ve been wishing for..with extra features – it is attached to a shopping mall. A very nice small mall..

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