Friday, January 18, 2008

Syyyyyy...Strictly Confidential..

This is my own hand work, for my C-store project. Insyaallah, if nothing goes in between, this drawing will come to reality middle of this year. Pssttt: it shows the artistic soul inside me,isn't it?? (perasannnn)..

The main counter..but now changed to an L-shaped without the ice-cream & pop corn maker. Oooppss.. the Fresh Juice bar is also changed to a Waffle Bar. Colour also changed to ...secret!!!

Still in my sketch book..fresh from oven..hahaha.This will be the Food Counter..the Pastry warmer, HotDog griller,Coffee Dispenser (sponsored by Nescafe),Bain Marie for hot dog condiments and a soft drink dispenser. Not deciding yet on the tiling & flooring design.

This is the Glass Graphic Art,sticked to the separation glass between our shop & the lobby area. Has not been finalised yet.

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mamaullya said... lawyer sudah bertukar profesen menjadi pn arkitek pula...!!!



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