Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 1 - evening

We have had our nap for about 2 hours – enough to recharge our tired body. We have had our lunch, in the room with the food I brought from home. Haa.. here I reveal a little secret of my way of surviving when we are away, far away from home. Hehe.. my friends always seem cannot imagine when I told them, I re-heat the ‘bekal’ using an electric cooker (yes,we bring it too!) in the room. Mahal lah woo kalau asyik nak makan luar aje. 1 kebab in Australia costs you about RM23, 1 plate of plain Nasi Goreng bodoh in Europe costs about 5 euro which converts to RM25 (and that’s not including drink ya!!). And, kalau kena org macam aku ni, can’t get enough with just 1 kebab, mamposss!! So, here I present to you..

This is our lifetime loyal traveling partner. Means, if we forgot to bring it together, our tummy will ‘kriokking’ all the time lah..haha. See, tgh masak nasi.

This was our course for the lunch. White rice, Ayam Masak Thai & ulam timun. Sedap woo..

The dishes I brought from home is nicely packed, and I freezed them soon after being cooked, (freezed tau, not refrigerated – letak kat tempat air batu tu). We checked-in those foods, so it will be in cooling state all the way from KUL to JNB. Soon after arriving at the hotel, we transferred it straight away to the refrigerator.

1. We could avoid those canned foods which we don’t really know how many ‘months old’ are them.
2. It tastes good & delicious because I’m the chef.. Hahaha.
3. Bila dah sedap tu, sure we need a second or third or fourth helping because staying in an air-conditioned
room will make you starving all the time.
4. Save money.
5. The most important is: Dah tentu HALAL.

After lunch, we went to Village Walk (the mall attached to the hotel). I like!! It is a covered, more or less can be said a street mall. The ID is nice, South African’s design is well-known of terracotta, mainly the tiling, more similar to Nando’s in KL. (Nando’s is from South Africa, if I’m not mistaken).

We bought some juices at the Pick ‘n’ Pay, a convenience store at the village walk. The strawberry juice is 100% fresh and it is soo tasty.

This is Abg Wan's shop, WGS Africa, selling all those kind of gem stones deco items & pendant & necklace.

He has been living in Johannesburg for 18 years, so far he is the one who will guide the Malaysia Airlines crew especially on the tour, the best halal restaurant or anything else that a tourist should know.

Mr.Hubby asked him to get a rental car for our outing in Joburg & he kindly explained & gave a free directions & guide of the roads & driving in Joburg. Many times in between of our conversation, he stressed up of “be careful, be extra alert all the time while driving. Jangan sesekali masuk jalan ke town, or mana-mana jalan selain yang Abang Wan tunjuk. It’s too too dangerous.”

Me : How dangerous is it Abg Wan?
Abg Wan : It’s very dangerous, till the local people pun tak berani nak masuk. If you know how
Bronx like, I can say, it’s more notorious than Bronx.

Me & Mr.Hubby were like speechless, muka masing2 dah takleh senyum. This means, I have to read the map (which is my official duty in KL), but this time carefully read it & my eyes must be every second be on the signboards. Arrrghh… what a burden, I can feel it aleady. How could we enjoy a ride if our heart will be non-stop beating like a drum?

They (crews) said the tour charge is high, better still go on our own.. However, knowing those scary things from Abg Wan, we have to reconsider of taking a tour. So, we went back to the room, and we outlined & pre-calculated the difference of taking a tour or self-drive.

Car Rental: R350.00
Petrol: R330.00 Full Tank (minyak kat sini RM3.50/liter woo!!)

If we take a tour with Abg Wan, the charge for transport is R1000.00 per van. It is a 7-seater van, so the more people join, the lower rate per head we get. Plus, Abg wan is experienced enough to drive at his own place, so we don’t have to be cautioned of the dangerous place that we shouldn’t o to.

I was then put all my effort in persuading Mr.Hubby to go with Abg Wan. Kata-kata hikmat I was using is:
“Biar bayar lebih sikit, asalkan selamat & we enjoy the ride.”

At the moment I wrote this, it looks like Mr.Hubby dah termakan pujuk rayu aku. Yeeehaaaa!!!!!

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