Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nelson Mandela Square...Day 2

We woke-up at 3.45am, (because it already 9.45am in Kl, our body didn’t yet get-used to Joburg time). Solat Maghrib & Isya’ & terus solat Subuh at 4.20am. Then, I don’t know what’s wrong with the country; it has been on blackout a few times since yesterday. And it went on till hours!!

Mr.Hubby was with his laptop, learning through the financial plan for the C-store project. It was already 6.00am then, and I got nothing to do so I went to sleep again.. hahaa..

Get up again at 8.30am & Mr Hubby was still with his financial software.. (rajinlah pulak laki aku ni). I was so mamai when I heard satu suara sumbang, “Syg,bagunlah masak. Electric dah ada dah ni.” Ish, dah tahu ada, dari tadi awat tak masak?? I collect all my energy to get up & cooked. Today’s brunch menu is:

Haa.. these are all the other ration we brought from home. Cukup stock for 1 week, at least.

12 noon – went to Sandton Mall or also known as the Nelson Mandela Square. It is a large building consisting of office suites & a mall.

It was just about 10 mins walk from our hotel. We just walked around in the mall, snapping pictures because there was also power problem until 4pm. Then, we had our early dinner at a restaurant called Ocean Basket, 80% similar to Manhattan Fish Market in M’sia. Perut pun tgh lapar gilerr, actually a minute before the power is back on, I told Mr.Hubby to go back to hotel. Penat, first sbb tak makan, second sebab baju2 semua mahal2..tak mampu eden…tu yg sedih sgt..

We ordered a Seafood Platter For Two, the same one I used to choose at the Manhattan, but this comes in a bigger portion with a higher price.

Consists of 12 fried Prince Prawns (Manhattan’s is better), spicy fried Calamari (this beat Manhattan), Mussels (Manhattan is the first), baked fish (fabulous), potato fries (purer than McD fries) & rice, I think by taste, it is a saffron rice, (Manhattan garlic rice is better still). Overall, 50-50 for Ocean Basket & MFM. It costs R145, converts to RM70+.

These are the three sauces, complimentary with every seafood platter. Mayonnaise (again MFM is heading), Garlic crush paste (50-50) & a green chili paste (MFM no.1).

MFM cannot beat the juice for sure. I chose mango juice, so as Mr.Hubby. a very pure, 100% freshly blended mango juice. It is a mango season right now in South Africa.

Having a big big tummy-stuffed dinner..

Then after, I did a little grocery at the Woolworth supermarket, inside the mall. A very nice market setting. How I wish I could run this type of supermarket in the future.. One thing I like about the ‘mat saleh’ punya character- they pay attention to each & every part of the shop/items, especially the packaging, it’s being the most crucial part in their business. They go all the way to beautify the shop, not letting any spaces neglected.

Crazy tengok flowers vibrant & fresh..

Halal ke muffin ni?

Geram tgk sayur..all organics. Beli salad.

I like the ‘point-of purchase’ signboard up there. Up class..

I bought a 4 pack mangoes.. perfectly ripe..

It was raining heavily on our way back. Lucky then we borrowed a hotel umbrella beforehand. Surprisingly, while walking down the street, we saw 3 familiar cars, 2 of them were Savy by PROTON.. huyyyooo & the other one is MyVi but under the brand of Daihatsu. Suddenly felt patriotic seeing our M’sia brand (walaupun tak se-gah brand2 lain) being driven proudly on the road by Africans.. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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