Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The details..as promised

I just had my B'young Malam..started yawning oledi.. But,i've promised to keep u updated about the outing today..though it was only 3 hours hang-out,nothing much to share actually.. Tapi, sebab aku tgh rajin ni..jgn dikau menghalang..hahaha..

Three of us arrived at Subang Parade (i should get commission from Subang Parade for marketing this mall...been few times rasanya aku duk promote..) almost on time..as scheduled.. We were all starving bagai nak giler..so we straight heading to uhmmm Dave Deli's. I had meatballs (as usual), Mama Ullya was very obssesed with her Lamb Chop & Kak Sal didn't had anything..(diet ler tuuu) but ended up 'powwing' kitorg punya meal..hehe.. Makan2..citer2..

About 5.30,we made a moved from our meal table... cekononnya nak balik cepat.. but I couldn't resist asking them to enter Kassa boutique, which, i've been eyeing the shop since we were at Dave Deli's..(dah kedai tu neighbour restaurant ni..pandai Mama Ullya pilih tempat..).. Got a chance to influence kak sal pilih2 baju,tapi she was in a hurry..so maybe she'll come again next time.. Me & Mama Ullya..as usual..windowing..until she found the baju kurung that we have targeted last time..(masa tu takde size..camner this time ader plak nihh..).. Apa lagi..masuk fitting room ler.. Sah! Dia berkenan.. tambah lagi,i handed her a matching scarf,huhhh terus bayar wa cakap lu... I told u..with this shopping-devil beside,don't dare to walk home empty-handed lah geng!! And,me..lucky i have a little 'sedar diri',manage to control myself but still with something..this scarf..

It's 100% pure silk, from India..very delicate yet so exclusive.. Ala2 Turkish design with silk material lah.. They have so many colours..finally..red again..gosh!!!

I've seen this before..let me recall...Haaaaa..Tie Rack KLIA..with a RM129 tag attached to it..Aku suke!!!! Coz this one, exactly the same..cost me only RM29...huargh..huargh..huargh....

Owhhh..i received a call from the clinic which Mak underwent the Pap Smear last month..saying the result is now ready for collection. But,i am a little bit unhappy from the voice tone of the nurse..she said.."ada sikit2 nak kena explain".. Kan saya dah kata...saya cepat risau... Ya Allah,semoga Mak sihat sejahtera..takde apa2 yg merbahaya..Kau jauhilah Mak dari segala penyakit..amiinnn.. I will accompany Mak to the clinic this Thursday..

Mr.Hubby is on his way home,will be arriving tomorrow morning. So,do expect a silence,again.. for couple of days ya!!I will come back earlier if i manage to slip away from my routine..

Till then..take care!!


Anonymous said...

aku kalu kluor ngan dia ni tak sah tak beli barang..SHe's the number one HASUT DEVIL...................

Anonymous said...

cannot tahan with this girl la. She can hasut you when it comes to shopping!! Gua mesti terbeli punya walaupon satu!!!!!!!!Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrr. Tak gitu cik kiah? Girl power!


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