Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Out of Kepompong..

Today,i have a date with MamaUllya (she's been in silence for quite some times kan??) at the where-else, Subang Parade. Our all-the time personal meeting place. Gonna have some chats, gossiping, shopping (ada jugak tuu!!!!), makan2..that's all i guess.. We asked Kak Sal (sifu) to join us to brief (lagi lagi brief..bila nak restart entah lerrr) on our group growth & performance.. We're sort of 'being awaken' by the cheque MamaUllya received last month (big money tuuuu!!!)..terkezuttt giler beb!! Kak Sal pulak has said the touching words about our COME BACK..wahhhhh rasa macam artis plak...

So,gotta go..preparing myself..ironing,'make-up'ing and...did i tell u i haven't had a shower yet!!! Ishhhhh..malu malu.... In the meantime, nak makan kat ner karang yek?? Never mind, will think of that in the train..(my car gone for service again....and it's MAJOR u know!!!! Arrghhh!!!)..

Till then..detailing later...

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