Saturday, February 2, 2008

25/01/08.. day 3

As early as 4.45am, Mr.Hubby was gone for his duty. Doing a shuttle from Joburg to Cape Town. I wished to be in Cape Town one day, already discussed it with Mr.Hubby. By the moment I wrote this, he is still in Cape Town, while I have had my breakfast with MAGGI..malas nak masak, makan sorang. Thought of going to Village Walk afterwards, get some juices & a notebook (my notebook is now running out of pages). Yesterday, I saw one handbag selling at one of the shops there, it’s a COACH handbag..soo tempting to own.. tapi rege dia mak aiiii.. paham pahamlah..

Ok, Mr.Hubby will be landing at 12.40pm, it is about 2 hours to go. The immigration process & blab la bla take another 30 mins, plus the journey from the airport to the hotel is another 1 hour. So, I’m getting done to the shops while waiting for him.

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