Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dalam dilemma..

Last week,i went toMidValley with you-know-who, accompanied him to update his pocket PC software which i don't ambik pot about that..the only thing that concerned me is, Cuci Mata di MV, which, nearly a year i didn't have a chance to do so..I got only 2 hours to quickly blink blink at any interesting items that reached my eyes, save them quietly in my built-in memory card inside my head, and soon will recall them easily when i feel like wanting to own them..

Walk and walk..until my feet ached... due to my poorly designed shoes, very unpractical to wear..but it is more unpractical to me for buying it in the first place anyway..and i think it is the shoes that giving me headache lately..coz the front part of the shoes is so narrow thus they hold my fingers **eh,jari kaki pon org panggil fingers ke ah??** very tightly especially the toes..and according to the reflexiology view,the toes represent our head...Ohhh no wonder lah.. Now, with this concrete reason,i can persuade my inner part to look fo another pair of shoes,which then become another kind of headache,as usual..coz i am really really fussy **which is sometimes good** when it comes to choosing shoes...

Looking for right shoes is not that difficult, but seeing the price is quite painful..Why the comfortness always come with a high price huh??I was in the JUSCO when i found this very soft pair,yet comfortable enough for my feet until i discover the brand,with the tag of rm239.00..Mak datukkkk..just for the sandals actually..not really shoes..Buang duit buang duit...cancel... Then i saw another one, lain brand, about the same design as that rm239 sandals, but much much cheaper..rm49.00.. Try slipping them on, doing catwalk left & right, just felt so-so to buy..So,without waiting any longer,i put it on as soon as paying it!

After that,as i continued my cucimata session..i saw something that really caught my attention.Before coming to MV,i browsed Melium Magazine & fell in love with a TOD'S handbag..i know,cinta tak semestinya bersatu..and for one reason..MAHAL..tak mungkin hasratku utk memilikinya tercapai...But,seeing this handbag at the JUSCO..surprisingly it is 90% similar to that TOD'S,hatiku menjadi tak keruan..hehehe..It's jus rm79.00..huargh huargh huarghhh..aku sukaaaaa... Tgh belek2 beg tu,i looked at my own handbag..baru lagi aku beli..murah..baru rm35, ada buckle G,which my frens thought it is GUESS but it is actually stand for GIANT..but it's too small..too small for my all-in purse,two extra-large Roberto Cavalli sunglasses casing **Mr.Hubby selalu tumpang letak dlm bag** & other woman's stuff.. Kadang2 bila nak ambik purse tu,selalu kena geledah mcm mak nenek nak cari duit dlm poket bra zaman dulu2.. And this targeted handbag has more compartments,bigger size,and nice.**kalau dah berkenan tu,nampak elok aje le**

I hv had a thorough look inside the bag,dah try galas pun..but still cannot decide..nak beli ke tidak..nak beli ke tidak..It's my resolution this year not to spend much more than is necessary, but i think that bag is a necessity for me..kwang3x... angkat..letak..angkat..

The phone rang.."Syg,i tunggu u dekat South Court,Level 2..cepat skit ye.."

.... LETAK...

dan sampai sekarang,aku masih terbayang2 akan beg ituuu....

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