Monday, February 18, 2008

Mrs's prattling..1st part

***This was supposed to be the last friday's entry.Procrastination tells how busy I was last few days..chewahh..***

It's Friday again. Time flew so fast-friday to friday is now just a blink away.I always think,what have I done in between?How many tasks have I completed?As I'm writing this n3,I'm sitting in my car waiting for Mr.Hubby to perform his dutiful Friday prayer.I'm almost like this every week, it's either waiting in the car,or alone having pre-lunch (if a restaurant nearby) or doing a window shopping (if the mosque is in vicinity of any shopping mall).Will I still be like this when we have kids?I asked Mr.Hubby once, and he said "YESS!OF COURSE". Sometimes,I feel really tired of doing this.I mean,keep accompanying him wherever he goes,in whatever he does.Be it at the car service,workshop (tukar tayar,buat allignment,balancing),at the barbershop,at the DVD shop,meeting his friends,going to the grocery just to buy batteries, name it..anywhere,everytime..Yup,I'm his true companion,making me again 100% agree with this blog title.Sometimes have to admit tho,isn't it nice if I'm just stay at home,doing cooking,and wait for him at home,just like other people?However,with extra awareness,I know,lives vary.Depends on what type of person we are,what character do we posses,what expectations do we hope & what environment we are in..Realizing this,I came to be thankful,that Mr.Hubby really needs me,all the time in his life,as I compared to those who seldomly see their husband,to those who always be abandoned by their husband,yet I feel grateful to Allah..and I pray this would be forever..

But,will you agree with me,it's difficult to practice IKHLAS?Easier said than done.When we give too much,we tend to expect the return too high.Not materialistically though,it's in all aspects,especially for the same sacrifices that we made for him..

***Mr.Hubby is on his way back from the mosque now.GTG..Bear with me for the 2nd part,if you want to...hahaha***


naqliyah said...

takpe ujie...tempat seorang isteri adalah di sisi suaminya...!

Hanum said...

pahala...pahalaa... syurga... Insyaallah...

chujie said...

tu la pasal..everytime feel like sighing about this thing je,aku tgk kaki husband aku..kat situ ada syurga ku...hehehe.insyaallah.. thanks dear frens..


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