Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cute Lions & 'Cute' Traditions!!

We went to Lion Park & Lesedi Cultural Village today..and it was sooo fruitful. We enjoy ourselves to the max, sometimes we became childish,seeing all those cute lion cubs, and Mom-&-Pop lions as well,and the giraffe. They are all so cute. we felt like petting them at home. I knew, they will bear with me,but just don't know how long will I survive..hehehe.
Well, pictures speak thousands words..Happy Viewing friends!!!
The Tour Group (from left): Rizal (steward), Mr.Hubby, Me, Abg Wan.. and Ridzuan is taking the pic.
We arrived at the park too early, half an hour before the park is open. Killing the time, kami temankan Abg Wan breakfast, with Nasi Lemak he brought from home & packets of Gardenia Roti Sardin I brought from M'sia. Hehehe..

Tgh syioookk bercerita, I saw these cute cubs being chased to their garage. So cute, rasa mcm nak kejar2 peluk2 je..

tengok mata girraffe macam pakai Mascara kan??

Mula2,aku geli nak bagi makan kat giraffe ni,sebab lidah dia panjang giler..pastu nanti tersentuh2 kulit tangan kita... tu yang takleh tahan tu..

2nd: HAVING FUN WITH LION CUBS..gerammnyyerr

Mr.Hubby just been bitten by that cub..berbekas jugaklah..Kalau dah singa tu,singa jugak..

Nice toilets signs!!

Then we drove into the Safari to meet & greet the WILDS!!


Aku dah tak ingat nama binatang ni..

the OSTRICH, yang hidupnya tak terurus..tak pernah beli sikat agaknya dia ni..

Seram & meremang jugak bulu roma bila mak2 bapak2 singa ni lalu sebelah van kitorang...rasa macam nak turun gi peluk pun ada...geram tgk bulu badan dia..

To the LESEDI, African Cultural Village.

Being welcome by the 'Wakil Penduduk'..hehe

Their creative wall paintings, colourful & very geometrical.

Tetiba je budak afrika ni 'manja' dengan aku..he's so cute kan??

These were all taken at the Village, with 5 out of 11 African thribes: Zulu, Lesotho, Pedi, Xhosa, ...lupa...

African Cultural Dance Show
Dah abis 'Getting to know African', Abg Wan bawak kitorg pegi ambik anak dia kat rumah his ex-motherinlaw. Ya Allah, cantik sgt view/location rumah tu, ada bukit, tasik, WOW!!

Happened to be, his ex-MIL was born in Indonesia, and the mother's father Abg Wan's grandfather-in-law lah) was the person who designed the FIRST INDONESIA STAMPS! Marvellous! And we've got the chance to have a look at these stamps..

Thank you to Abg Wan x-MIL's family, for the great hospitality and a nice story and a delisious cheese cake too....

We were then heading to Abg Wan's house, to meet his wife, (ex-stewardess), Kak Aisyah. Rumah abg Wan pun canteekk sgt..geram aku tgk...

At about 7pm, Abg Wan sent us back to the hotel. Thank you Abg Wan for such a pleasant trip, a half-day trip became a long,full-day & enjoyable trip. Thanks again...

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