Saturday, February 2, 2008

Joburg City-Rosebank FleaMarket-Montecasino..

Ini lah dia Johannesburg City, which I can say as "padang jarak padang tekukur"..(betul ke peribahasa aku ni,kena tanya Karam Singh dulu lah).. Sayang seribu kali sayang, it is yet a very well-planned town, systematic & better than KL in terms of the arrangement and street planning. You could see there are a lot of skycrappers right, but surprisingly most of them are 'empty building'..abandoned for years..
We went there on Sunday, and this is not supposed to be a city-look on a Sunday, am I right? Lengang selengang lengangnya.. How notorious it is, can you imagine that? Patutlah Abg Wan cakap, he has not been into the city for about 2 years. Sebab kitorg punye pasallah, dia sanggup jugak nak tour merry-go-round kat Joburg City ni..
Itupun, we need to take several precautions.. Driving not lower than 50km/hr.. Don't stop at the traffic light, handbag kena letak bawah kaki, do not expose camera. Dan, we feel a little bit safer cause we were in a dark-tinted-window car.
Walau macam mana pun, Indian Muslim is a true survival, anywhere in the world. Ada sekelompok Indian Muslim doing businesses in this city..Heran aku..
Vandalism? Burning the building? That's part of their (local) career..

Dah puas tgk bandar dalam debar..(chewahhh).. we went straight to Rosebank Mall Flea Market. It's a large shopping mall where the rooftop is converted to a flea market aka African Craft Market on Sunday.

Ni lah kerja rasmi kitorg kat africa... berposing ala2 model..Thank you Abg Wan..sporting betul dia..
Memang terkejut.. African Craft is superb!!! Very nice & creativity is the right word.. So many things have won my heart, cuma the problem is ..bringing it home.. The glass art is Fragile,of course, and the other is either too big, or they do not provide suitable packaging for travellers. Batang pokok with lampu kat atas tu, only cost about RM900, which is cheap, compared kalau ada kat M'sia dah sure telan ribu riban.. Aku dgn muka terkilan sebab takleh beli..
Vibrant Colours!!!
Around the "The Zone @ Rosebank"where all street cafes are.. Korang teka kitorg tgk apa?
Tengok 'orang pink' ni ler.. A common street show (private) in overseas. He will all day stand still like a statue/mannequin, except when we put coins in his box (located near him), then only he will move his body like a robot. At least he put an effort & a bit entertaining..

Noon, dah lapar. We had a lunch at Halal Steak at Spur Steak Ranch.
Tengok complimentary side dishes aje dah telan air liur..
Moh kita terkam steak masing-masing.. I ordered New York Steak,well-done.
I told you, African are good at craft, Harley at the back of me is made of wire..just wire.. Impressed?
Cantik rantai2 kat kedai ni,tapi dia jual mahal sangat. rantai manik aje dah beratus2 ringgit.. Abg Wan kata baju I suits the colour of those maniks kat kedai..apa lagi, snap aje lah Abg Wan oii..
Jalan-jalan di Rosebank.. Masa ni memang betul Jalan-jalan cari Makan..
I've been looking for the signboard since arriving..nilah baru jumpa..Karang orang tak caya plak dtg sini..hehehehe..
Haaa..masa ni Abg Wan just sent us at the Montecasino, he was not with us here. Dah balik rumah,penat melayan karenah model2 dia agaknya..
The Bird Garden next to Montecasino. Tak sempat masuk pun..

Montecasino is a casino, inside a large building, where they immitate the area to be like Las Vegas. (They told me la,aku pon tak pernah sampai Las Vegas lagi).. You will like the place, I bet..
Jangan terpedaya...Those sky & cloud is only fake you know.. haha.i told you,it's in the large building.. So natural,kan?
Cantik..Kalau dapat datang hari2 pun boleh gak ni..
Alamak..Abg Wan takde, so we don't have that super duper camera lah.. Gelap sikit..
Really impressive African.. Why can't we?


naqliyah said...

ujie...bestnyerrr gi jenjalan....

chujie said...

selalunya jenjalan kat area2 city je..takde yg betul2 holiday lagi..cost nyer mahal!!!nak kirim apa2,bagitau lah..

Marilu said...

Keep up the good work.


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