Monday, February 4, 2008

SAY it right or SPELL it right?

On the way back from JNB, I came across this article about SAYING IT RIGHT.. There're 17 names (most of them are the brand name of luxury names) being outlined & those names are often pronounced wrongly.(aku pun sama la..). But,the names are in Italian, Spanish or French so they can't expect us to expert their mother-tongue language,as much as they don't speak our language correctly. Fair what???But of course, it is a great thing by knowing how to pronounce it right in case we are in the middle of so-called 'rich & famous' crowd.. At least,orang kata,kalau tak pakai pun tahu sebut jadi lah....hehehe.(Follow this, you will be surprise!!)

On the left is the word & on the right is its pronounciation.

HERMES (air-mez)
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (kree-styaan lu-bu-tahn)
YVES SAINT LAURENT (eef-song lor-han)
LANVIN (lon-vahn)
LOUIS VUITTON (loo-wee vee-tahn)
PORSHE (pore-sha)
GUERLAIN (gur-lan)
COSME DECORTE (cos-may day-co-tay) ...this one sound logic
LA MER (la-mare) ...and this one too
KOSE (co-say) ...again
CHOPARD (show-par) ...i remember telling my friend "cantik rantai datuk K bagi kat siti,cho-pad..
PIAGET (pee-ah-zhay)
BULGARY (bull-gery)
JAEGER LECOUTRE (yay-ger ler-coolt)
AUDEMARS PIGUET (oh-dee-mar pee-gay)
CABOCHON (care-ber-shawn)
TOURBILLON (tur-bi-yon)

Ok anak-anak,dah terbelit lidah korang sumer?? Terfikir sejenak, why can't they just spell it as it sounds? Ermmm dah dari azali nak wat camner??

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