Monday, January 21, 2008

Morning till Night..FULL!!!

8.00 am : Breakfast - Nasi Goreng Bodoh & a mug of plain milo.
10.30 am : In Bangi, for 'mengurut' session because 'rahimku turun lagiiii'. Mr.Hubby went
straight to Salak Tinggi for his unofficial duty - monitoring the house.
11.30 am : In Puncak Bangi show house, tetiba nampak rumah tepi jalan & I was like, "urmmm
12.30 noon : In Balakong, Multifilla Craft Supplies looking for Graphic Marker & Stain Glass
Paint. Dissapointed to find that Multifilla, so-called the largest art mall, but the
shop look like 'the largest store room'..
2.15pm : In Shah Alam, Plaza Alam Sentral for a company search at SSM. Had lunch - Bihun
Tomyam & air suam.
4.00pm : Balik rumah. Second lunch. Shower, coz one whole day I was in 'minyak urut'. Solat.
8.15pm : Went to Bukit Tinggi,Klang to meet our forex partner. Alhamdulillah, things go in time before we go to Johannesburg & the sifus go to Jeddah. Congsrats Mr.Hubby!!!


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