Friday, January 18, 2008

Muhassabah Diri

I'm not a good person in terms of practicing religion tasks, not an Islamic-very-knowledgeable person either.But,naturally, being grown-up with a 'quite strong' base and Alhamdulillah,granted with a good conscience,I could by reasons differentiate which is proper manner and which is not;be it in human relationship or in relationship with the Almighty Allah swt.
Before I commented what I want to comment here,me either,regretfully not a 1825-times-a-year solat performer and I have been and will be trying my whole lifetime to be one. However-rule of thumb-quantity without quality is just a waste, isn't it?Please understand I'm not saying that,if we have achieved the "kusyuk" in solat,(a step-to-final stage in solat,where you find the true "love & fun" in performing solat),means we can easily abandon the 5-times day routine,or just do it whenever we like.Strictly NO.Bear in mind,when we are in that "kusyuk" stage,it's not US anymore who feels like performing solat,it's our INNER FAITH that automatically will guide us 'to see' our creator,not just limited to 5 times a day,sometimes might be even more,and mostly up to every second.Because,solat itself is not described by the 'up & down' procedures - it's just being a guide- solat is a RELATION or we call it HUBUNGAN and it is our HUBUNGAN DENGAN ALLAH PENCIPTA ALAM.Isn't it so merciful that we can 'talk' to our creator,and knowing that He is listening?And with concrete confidence,we know that He is capable in granting our wish or 'doa' that we've been reciting all times in our life?If we know all this,don't we supposed to 'sanjung' Him as the ONLY ONE and THE MOST ABOVE?It is not a yes/no question,it is definitely YES!!
I give an example:If you are seeing 'somebody up there' (in top position) let say in Government office,how will you react?Ok,not saying PM lah,enough with a DO (district officer) in your area,asking for his 'bless help' in endorsing your land or whatever application, my goodness,sometimes it is up to a stage that people beg him,bow to him...even though it is just a human-human relationship.
On the other hand, (this is my point), why are we so calculative (berkira) in our relation with Allah?We often take for granted the golden chance of being with Him.We go to Him with rude and improper manner.Why?Is it because we do not 'realistically' see Him?
I raise up this matter because I often see people 'chasing time' when performing solat.I have timed my al-Fatihah reading,the fastest it can go is 23 secs - that's the fastest & I seldom do that.I wonder,how they can recite it for 10 secs & completed solat in just 1 or 2 minutes?Do they have an advanced standard of doing it with short-cuts?I may not be that knowledgeable enough in Islamic education,but as far as I'm concerned,there's no short-cuts.

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Hanum said...

Interesting!... i like this n3. Remind me to reflect myself too. Also timing my fatihah and got it 23 secs. Never bother to time it before. Correct me if I'm wrong Jie... The shortest 'tomakninah' is as if we recite "Subhanallah" that is about 2 secs, no wonder kekadang kita tengok org solat mcm kejar ketapi... hehehe... (termasuklah aku yg berkejar solat time commercial break). Well, I'm still relearning and trying to improve.


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