Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mini Reunion

Today went to Alamanda Putrajaya for a 'mini get-together' with other 3 musketeers: Nik, Ruhi & Eddy. Ruhi was in Putrajaya since 17th inline with batik promotion organized by MECD. Can be considered as 'bachelor outing'-sbb kitorg tak bawak husband & wife masing2- Abe Li (Nik's) baru sampai dari Kedah early morning so was sleeping at home, Nurul (Eddy's) staying in Kelantan & Eddy is now a 'suffered' weekend husband (hehehe..sorry ye Eddy), Ejan (Ruhi's) is in Kelantan, she's not coming for the event & Mr.Hubby is on the way home di awangan. So,kami ni bukanlah suami/isteri yg lupakan status ya...

Nik was still in the office when I arrived, so I waited for her about half an hour..ambik kesempatan pusing2 jamu mata..I was able to capture a few examples of RMUs & food counter, not bad,very up class punye design..boleh tiru. (hehehe..kerja senang). Masa ni jugak, I saw a very nice shoes at BATA which the Sec.14 outlet doesn't have the same pair. Gerammmnyeeeeeerrrr..dahlah cantik,sleek design pastu pakai sedap giler.. Terkujat aku sekejap memikirkan yg aku dah 'terbeli' yg lain ari tu..But, looking at the price, RM159.00, fiuhhh lega hati den!! So, economically, takdelah menyesal beli yg ari tu..cheaper..

Then when Nik arrived, barulah we both went to Ruhi & Eddy & tell you what...depa tu dah abis lunch!!! Grrrr... tapi, it was a very kind of Ruhi when he treat us for our turns..hahaha..Then,borak2, laughing2, until it was 4 o'clock & we decided to have a tea time plak.. So,we heading to Starbuck for Eddy's turn to treat us..hehehe..giler demand..alaa,once in a while kan Eddy..then we continue our laughing2 session until sometimes it turned tearful (boleh buat exercise muka sebenornye sbb byk sgt gelak).. it was an enjoyable memory recalling session actually & we had sooo many memories together back our old days at school..(chehhh ni nak sentimental lah ni)..until 5.40pm-we dismissed.

To Ruhi & Eddy, thanks for the treat and hoping that we can see each other again next time.

Note: Terlampau byk gelak & borak2, sampaikan I was totally forgot to snap any pics of us!!

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