Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pagi nan indah....

Dengan rasa tak malu nak ngaku aku subuh gajah hari alarm rang at 5.30am as usual,and I turned it off as usual,and laid back as usual..heehe..Cuma selalunya Mr.Hubby's alarm will rang again at 6 o'clock then only I get up and perform the Subuh.But today,,Mr.Hubby woke up first & performed his prayer outside the room (just to 'memakmurkan' semua bahagian dlm rumahnya)..he called my name twice before he left the room,that's what i remembered..but,feel very dizzy (morning sickness without the pregnancy..hehehe),sudahnya aku bangun pukul 6.57am..kat luar dah terang,terkocoh2 aku ambik wudhu' & solat qadha..astaghfirullah..
(puan2 sekalian,jgn meniru adegan ini di rumah ye..not good!!)

Then,after saying my doa,as usual,I opened the windows..and hewwwwww..the wind is so and breeze air touched my bare face..i looked far to the hills behind my house..the trees and the farm..people said, seeing the GREEN is very good for your eyes especially in the early morning..I admit it's true..I feel so alive & energetic..and the wind still blowing as I'm writing this entry..ouhh I love my new place..

Dengan semangat pagi yg ada,aku terus turun bawah bukak all the windows and the doors..biar angin masuk kata Mr.Hubby..selalu memang kami bukak awal2 pagi pun,but today somehow it is different..angin dia tu really really lah,we are in the middle of tengkujuh..maybe this is why the wind is cooler than usual..

We have a lite breakfast our dining,facing the orchard..just the two of us..(lupa lak nak cakap my MIL & FIL balik kampung yesterday.So,we have about 5 days to cherish the togetherness between us)..We have Japannese bread Gion that I bought yesterday at Mid Valley,roasted chestnust and a plain Rooibos Tea...have I told you guys that there will be a live show almost every time we are enjoying our meal at this dining table?There are a lot of squirrels in the orchard & morning is the most enjoyable time for them I would say..they will swing to & fro on the tree..passing from one and another branches..playing with their mate with that giggling sound..I'm so happy for them..rasa macam balance je ecosystem kat rumah aku ni.. And today,I have an experience to see what the idiom say, "sepandai pandai tupai melompat,akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.." Ada 2 ekor tupai tadi duk asyik main kejar-kejar..terjun dari satu dahan ke satu dahan..berkekek2 gelak..after doing 5-6 loops,suddenly ooooppppsssss..terjelepok jatuh ke tanah..aku gelak besar was like me playing with them too..after a short while,the other partner was jumping & running here and there,looking for his playmate yg jatuh tadi tu...Dari jauh aku tahu dia macam risau je..muka macam dah tak happy je..kesian pulak aku tengok..rasa guilty pulak aku gelak2 tadi..ishh..I've been very emotional & sentimental di pagi hari ni..ermmmm..jiwa tiba-tiba memahami hati seekor tupai..hahaha

Slurrping my tea,I deeply wished in my heart,"moga-moga tupai tu selamat..and both of them will be happily playing again and so that,they will make myself smiling at the morning tea again".. 

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