Thursday, November 29, 2007

Apa Jadi dgn GigiBiru ku????

I've been figuring out what happened to my laptop bluetooth connection these 2 days?? Kinda simple problem but still I coudn't sort the root. It's getting more irritating when Mr.Hubby seems not really providing a helping hand..come on lah,is it too complicated? The Dory Fish Steak pics are in my handphone,and I am eagerly wanna share the recipe with u (with whom??) because it's to delicious yet very simple preparation..isn't it something that all the wifey looking for? My IT manager is now in Terengganu, taking care of another IT assignment & Mr Hubby will only be back on Saturday morning so I guess my GigiBiru problem can only be solved by then...huhhh!!!

Right at this moment..let's talk about CHOCOLATE!

I'm not that so-called 'chocolate lover' & I can easily remember how many times a year I eat chocolate. But, that 'a few times a year' is only referred to "My Precious Times with Hanuta & Giotto".

Ladies & Gentlemen!! I present to you..GIOTTO or his full name is FERRERO GIOTTO. It comes in 4 packets per box & there's 9 balls of chocolate roundies in 1 packet. It is an original Italian Recipe but it's a product of Germany. This hazelnut filled chocballs is the one that I always crave turning back!! ahaha...

This is what it looks like!! Yummy enough?? Can you imagine the 'cruchyness' of its shells then when it comes into your mouth,it melts together with that rich-textured chocolate?Ahhh..making my eyes closed everytime I enjoy this moment..(sound like TV commercial). Hardly get in KL, Mr Hubby will get it for me whenever he is in Frankfurt.

Another Yummilicious of Mine is HANUTA..

Here it is!!! It's a chocolate in between waffles. See,that's my fav-they have just the right ratio of creamy and crunchy. The delicious combination of hazelnut and chocolate makes them so special. Wanna have a closer look?

Are your eyes teary now?? Hehehe...

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