Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cheesy Carbonara..Mama Mia...

Yesterday, we had Carbonara Spagetti for lunch..I tell you,it was ummpphhh..walla!! Cheesy creamy carbonara with tons of prawns,crabs & mushrooms.. Of course it's PREGO, but was prepared with my own style. My sis-in-law wondered where & when I learned western cooking.. Well, it wasn't me who answered that question..Mak suddenly said, "she has the ability of figuring out the mixture in most just tasting it,smelling it & visualizing it.." Kind of Mr.Ego's (rattatouille) answer..hahaha.. Everyone knows how to cook spaggetti la..

Well,for you friends,I'm not that kind of surreptitious chef (can i call myself a 'chef'..of course,i'm at home everyday cooking & cooking & cooking..morning till evening,day & night..) that so unwilling to let her secrets revealed...But sometimes,there's a group of people who seemingly can't accept when we try to share our knowledge. Why? Just because they are older than they feel they know more than us..But one thing for sure ladies..being OLD doesn't mean they can cook well (hahaha..evil laughing)...We should learn from each other..from time to time.. Ok,enough!!

Here's come the recipes!
  1. Fry prawns (unpeeled) & crabs (small cuts) with chopped garlic, olive oil & 2 spoonful of butter until golden.
  2. Heat a pot, pour 1,2,3 or 4 cans of PREGO Carbonara with a cup of water. Make it thick ya!(depends on your 'size of eaters').
  3. Put in all the fried seafood. Stir well. The reason we fry them first is to add the aroma to the gravy.
  4. Slice thin the Shiitake Mushroom that has been soaked for half-an-hour. Add to the gravy.
  5. Put in (as much as you like) Pizza Plus grated cheese..(there are 3 type of cheese inside it..parmesan,mozarella & forgot).. Stir well.
  6. Don't forget the chopped Oregano.
  7. Please & please do not add salt or sugar or Pak Aji ok.. It's all taken care of by PREGO.

Now,the gravy is done.

  1. Cut into small sizes the Capsicums (1 red & 1 yellow) & Broccolli (of course green..haha). See, now you have a colourful spagetti..
  2. Blanch those vegi in 1 min to heighten the colour of them.

Serve the spaggetti, with Oregano & Black Pepper. DONE!

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mak nak!!! mak nak!!!!!


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