Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Activity

Finished dish washing, lunch cooking (Mak’s menu today,I was just,predictably..curry again..hehehe,it’s being Ayah’s fav since then).. Mak Chaq is here,with Mira & Aina too.. I just let them with their ‘issues’ downstairs..

Yesterday,went to Jijah’s wedding with my huha-huha forever friends- Nik & Elena. Met Jae (Dr.Haizam), Azah 5G & Zue. We had a really enjoyable memory-recalling session during the lunch. Soo enjoyable until we shared a tearful laughs together gether.. I didn’t see any other ex-pc there, where were they?? After eating, it was a congrat-wishing session, then photo-snapping session & good luck wishing session & then… muah muah..dismissed. It’s the usual & normal thing to do at a friend’s wedding, isn’t it?

I was first thinking of staying overnight at Nik’s so that we could have a ‘heart-to-heart chatting’ or more known as mengumpat session..but at the end of day, realizing that hey,we’re 30 now…so I just cancelled the plan. Afraid that I might be telling something that I shouldn’t to.. Ya Allah, thank you for Your guidance & reminder. Sorry Nik, may be next time. However, glad to see a pair of your ‘gems’ Aisyah & Adib, grown up that fast. Sorry ya, Aunty didn’t bring anything for you. Being a ‘childless’ (at this moment), Aunty sometimes forget to win little kiddy’s heart.

Elena is now engaged, to an ex-Banting, used to be Nik’s enemy..that’s why she didn’t get the Nik’s blessing..(ahaaa just kidding)..Well my friend, welcome to the club! Nik, stop asking her.. “of all the men out there,why must him?” It understood oledi lah…Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…what else to say?? Kan kan elin kan??

Just had a YM chat with Mr.Hubby. Flight will be a couple of hours delayed, so I guess he’ll be arriving at about noon tomorrow. Ermmm…what’s for lunch tomorrow? Any ideas? Do I need to brainstorm to cook? This is what happening when you are a DO (dapur officer) everyday.. Sometimes, I just turn blank of what to cook..

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