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Most people don't really discover what life is all about until they come to die. When we are young and have our whole lives ahead of us, we tend to put off living. Words like, "next year i'll spend more times with kids" or "next year i'll build better friendship" often heard. These are the standards refrains of the age we live in.

"if you don't act on life, life has a habit acting on you"

"Stop living your life by default and start living your life by design"

For Catherine, life has awaken her when she survived a plane crash, on the way to San Francisco to speak at a high-tech conference about the success of Her two partners were dead. She soon came to realize that at the end of her life, she did not think about the money she made or the car she drove or the title inscribed on her business card. All she thinks is her family! Her husband and her two loving children & think how much she loved them, how much she would miss them and how deeply she regretted not devoting more time to them.Facing her mortality head on, she came to the ultimate realization: HER FAMILY MATTERED MOST.

One day on her months at the hospital, came a man which claimed to be her new doctor. But the appearance of that man made Catherine in doubt. The man wears a red-robe, a monk's robe & claimed to be a doctor, that is out of his mind, thought Catherine. The man said he come to help Catherine with her spiritual regain. After talking & talking & much guessing, that man is her long-lost brother, the great lawyer Julian Mantle. She lost him after Julian's daughter died in an accident which made his life a turmoil. He gave-up his law practice at the peak of his career, sold his mansion & sold his ever loved red Ferrari. he went to India for a soul-searching. He never contacted her, or his friends & it was really a heart-breaking moment for Catherine, not knowing whether his brother is still alive or is he doing good. It was years before he came back and it was a really enjoyable, great moment between a brother and sister.

Julian then told Catherine all about his miraculous journey he made in India. Until he climbed up the Himalaya to find the Great Sages of Sivana, just to learn the true meaning of life. So he came back after he heard about the plane crash that involved his little beloved sister, and decided to help her with her trauma.

**You should read the book you know, because no matter how i rewrite this, the feeling of reading the true story of Julian Mantle and his sister. So uplifting, so fascinating.**


syahira said...

hai...actually i accidently open your blog once google to Dr Marsita name.. & i was accidently read about u...i really interested & impressed for what u have done with Dr Marsita. Fyi, i also have the problem to conceive (might be more evn worst than you). So i would like to know more about u & maybe we can share together about our problem..if u don't mind, could you leave your contact no so mayb we can share more & email add we can be friend..

chujie said...

hai syahira..thanks for dropping by at my blog.I just realized when anyone google the name of dr marsita mansor,my entry happened to be the first link that showed up. No wonder i got so many comments on that particular entry.Yeah,i would love to be friend with you,or anyone else,especially those who are in the shoes as me.we can share things about this,hopefully.find me on facebook if you have one, Ujie Menong or just email me at tp since ada FB ni mmg jarang sgt bukak email.hehehe.. So,selamat berkenalan.Email me ya,and share your side of story..take care!

Hanum said...

thanks ujie for sharing some insights of the book. Alhamdulillah... nasib baik lah aku ni dilahirkan Islam dan terus memilih Islam... tak payah lah susah payah gave up everything.. panjat gunung Himalaya la bagai, hanya utk mengetahui makna hidup yg sebenar!! AllahuAkhbar! Cuma penghayatan je masih kurenggg w/pun Allah dah bagi hint berulang kali :( ...


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