Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gubahan Rindu Puisi Syahdu..6/3/2010

Congratulations to
Fairuz & Syikin
on their engagement on 6th of March 2010

May both of you share the happiness hereafter...
and here are the engagement gift trays prepared by...
by who???
by me lahh..
cuba2 melembutkan jari jemari yg dah memang keras ni..
of all....boleh lahhhhhh...

...and the best part is...
the cost of all these..
5 baskets full of decoration flowers (self-made)
5 pcs of alas dulang (organza)
rental of 5 brass tray
the splendid kuih koci (100pcs) (sgt sedap ok!!)
sirih junjung with fresh flowers

is only...
RM 301.10
no more & no less

know what my uncle said when I presented the bill??



1 comment:

CheZa said...

memang cantik semua gubahan2 tu.
mu mmg seorang yg kreatif n ada seni menggubah.


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