Saturday, March 29, 2008

Abg Yie's New House

To give 'space' to newly wed couple at home, we decided to spend two nights at abg Yie's new house in Kuala Terengganu, so that Mommy & Ayah Chik could enjoy their 'Nights of Togetherness' more peacefully..hehehe..

Me & Mr.Hubby with Abg Yie's kids.. From left: Erin, Hamim (at the back), Hazeem & Nurul. Can you notice that Mr.Hubby puts on weight obviously after 4 days in Terengganu. Makan tak henti2..

Dah besar dah adik abang..then Mr.Hubby corrected, 'dah tua dah adik abang'.. dengki ler tuuuu..

With Kak Za.. our relationship among us (ipar duai) is so close until ones could not easily differentiate which is real brothers & sisters and which is in-laws.. Itu antara keistimewaan my family..

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Dira said... ur blog bookmarked & i do open it stimes. Tgh boring2 kat opis..take a break skjp. Best jugak baca blog ujie nih. Love all ur stories here. Admire the way u deliver it. Keep it up!

chujie said...

tq the truth is i got 'blank' almost every time to write..but,still the best is be ourselves..hehehe..takut jgk org boring karang baca citer karut marut aku..nice knowing u enjoy it.. will try to update it from time to time,sekurang2nya buleh jadi penawar kesepian ko kat opis kan???


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