Friday, March 7, 2008

Malam Kemuncak Kebangkitan Rakyat!

I was there!

Arrived at angkasapuri-bangsar junction about 11pm, (lambat sikit sbb ada org block parking kat shah alam..heeeee geram tul!!),there was a massive traffic jam heading to Kg.Limau.And it was raining heavily but I didn't see any people turned back,just like me.. This is what we call, alang-alang mandi biar basah..

We were in the middle of the vehicle crowd on the road when a siren came from the back.Macam kucing jatuh anak,i was looking aggressively left & right, looking for someone..then the WGS6000 was right there next to my car & I could see him right through the window..his overwhelming face seeing all those supporters coming all the way, in such weather.. I waved him..he is my RAWNA!

I was there until his last word (for last night) & it was about 12.45am when we heading back home.The NPE is closed for about 2 hours because everybody were parking their cars.Historical.I was so honoured even though i did only a little effort-being a 'polis trafik' tolong orang parking kereta..hehehe..

Today,he is in Penang..I wish you best of luck & I'll pray for OUR success!


Hanum said...

Takbirrr!!... idup PAS!!! hehehe... saja jer aku nak bakar ko ujie... takper... anwar ngan tok guru dah jadi geng!!

mamaullya said...

a'ah..dh baca entry ni baru aku teringat yg ko ni peminat Rawna dr dulu..Pergh dasat tu ujie..sangup meredah lautan manusia...
Weh dolu2 mase anak dia satu Uni ngan kita, apsal ko tak gi berkwn mesra beramaha mesara ngan dia.Peluang tu..!!!

chujie said...

eh,dulu aku boleh diatakan 'baik' aper dgn anak dia.. siap kalu dia jumpa aku,boleh jerit lagi.."kak ujieeee..." tapi,masa tu aku sentimental skit,tgk muka anak teringat muka bapak..hehehe..sedih woooo!!!!

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