Friday, March 14, 2008

An Evening with Cekodok Udang & A Cup of Rooibos

It is such a great evening.. with a melodious rain outside and a crunchiness cekodok been fried in my kitchen and of course with a krioking tummy of mine..all come together, accompanying me in this such lonely day..ahaa.. Having this cekodok & rooibos for a teatime is just enough to make my day.. Nonetheless, there’s only one less for this lovely moment: Mr.Hubby is not around, which yet making my day a mile away from perfection.. **sigh

My MIL & FIL are in hometown right now, spending times with their relatives & attending a family wedding.. That’s being the reason why I am alone at home today & tomorrow. I define this ‘loneliness’ as something I adore, sometimes,:P.. Well,sometimes you just need to be alone, to be isolated from your routine, to get your own space of life. Because of this, being alone, on occasion, is good for our own sake. I often use this spare time to do anything that I shouldn’t or can’t do when Mr.Hubby is around..such as termenung..watching TV (any programmes will do), finishing my reading on halfway-left books, wardrobe rearrangement..bla bla bla.. But,most of the time, I just watch movies..ahaha.. As now, I’m watching the last AF 5 Concert, which I didn’t manage to watch those time..

My friend, also a blogger, said, when you have nothing to write, just write about yourself. Thence, I shall tell you about being ME. The facts about me: Selamat Berkenalan!!

I’m a coffee addict & from time to time, I’m always trying to reduce this addiction. I read a lot about how bad a cup of coffee is, but affecting health is not a threat to me..hahaha. But when they say coffee is bad for your beauty..waaaaaa that scares me a lot..hehehehe

I never comb my hair.. My hair never get tangled, it flows nicely even when I wake-up from bed early in the morning.. So, guna jari pun boleh.. Why wasting money on buying a comb instead??

Chocolate is not my favourite. I don’t like it, I don’t know why..i just don’t like it!

I dress to occasion accordingly. I will change my attire 3-4 times within a day just to attend to different event or situation.. Failure to do so, may result in migraine all-day..hehehehe.. Fashion Victim ke aku nih??

I don’t have any particular favourite colour & I also don’t have any favourite singer or actor or actress.. so please don’t ask me that kind of question if you feel like interviewing me..keh keh keh..perasan nak mamposs..saper ntah nak interview ko jie..

I do shopping alone & I still prefer that. Unless with my gossiping-buddy, MamaUllya.. ha yg ni satu geng..

One of my favourite doings is make a drink! Kejap2 aku bancuh teh, kejap2 aku bancuh kopi..milo..horlicks apa2 lah.. Naik kembung perut my family..not forget, Mr.Hubby’s tummy yg dah sememangnya kembung tu..

I love PRACTICALITY.. Be it in anything. So, no matter how nice something is, practicality of that thing is the main aspect to be considered.

I can’t stand with electrical/electronics equipments. As a matter of fact I don’t have interest in those things, even with my electrical wiring in my own house!! I even score the least in electrical related subjects. What to say, I’m a pure mechanical., dude!!

Enough for this time ya.. I can’t think of anymore actually..hehehe


mamaullya said...

oh! namaku disebut-sebut!

chujie said...

suke ler tuuu!!! hehehe


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