Thursday, March 20, 2008

Balik Kampung!!

Aku balik kampung ari ni...yahoooooo!!! For my mum's wedding..2 kali yahoooooo!!!

Yesterday,i bought a present for my future 'ayah'..a wallet & a pair of hanky. Hope he'll like it.. It is a symbol of "welcome to the family".. Nak beli baju, i don't know the size, and don't have any idea about his dressing taste..dengar citer, he likes to wear 'jubah'...hahaha..

Now,i'm going to wrap the present nicely in a box..and it's time to pack things & stuff for the journey..


1 comment:

Hanum said...

Congrats to ur mom and new daddy... whahh.. syioknye dpt tgh mak bersanding secara live!! jgn lupa tepek gambor bnyk2 toh!!


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