Monday, March 10, 2008

Victory! and a new plan...

Malaysia has been shocked with the PRU-12 results.. Apart of being shocked, we also feel 'syok' beyond words!! We get our true victory..with tears..tears of joy, and tears of hope. Thank you my hero..RAWNA..for being the greatest 'leader' of this 'voice-it-out era'.. Now,the rakyat has spoken.. It's true when they said.."PEOPLE SHOULD NOT AFRAID OF THEIR GOVERNMENT, THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD AFRAID OF THE PEOPLE".

Malas nak comment can read it from many many wise bloggers' blogs.. My say is their say..mostly.

Jom kita happy happy kan kepala otak..sejenak kita fikirkan tentang those defeated high profiles.. what are they going to do for a living? Ehmmm... here are the most likely to happen..

1) Zainuddin Maidin
Maybe he's thinking of opening a "Mari Belajar Bahasa Inggeris" for 3-4 years kids pada sebelah siang.. and at night he will run a "Let's gaduh-gaduh with media in English" class for a new-coming BN appointed members.

2) Khir Toyo
The most suited business for him to venture is Beauty Consultancy which teach people of how to transform from a normal bear-looking faces to a more cute, smiley bear-looking faces. Of course, the academy will offer the 2 most demanding techniques for people to choose: Botox or Susuk.

3)Nazri Aziz
With his well-known 'flaming hot peri-peri' fighting spirit, he will consider of running a KAKIPUKUL club..rumours tell that it is already has members from various backgrounds. The unique about his club is, they are only learn the technique on how to fight/bertumbuk with senior or warga emas..especially those who are 80+ years old.

4) Shahrizat Abdul Jalil
She will join with 'still-on-the-line' Rosmah Mansor to open a Hair Do Salon. The salon is so good especially among Mak Datins, that's the place where they will ,by chance, have a well-groomed hair..the price is depends on the thickness of the hair blowed.. The higher the hair,the more expensive. They use only natural product in their salon, no chemicals. One of the product is white egg, using a 'pengepuk telur' they will kepuk-kepuk until putih telur tu kembang atas kepala..(macam nak buat bahulu lah..)

5) Samy Vellu
Samy memang dah ada business before this which he share it with his wife..a Gangster Society. Upon his retirement, he was thinking of giving out free trip to his all beloved society members.. one of the destination is A Trip to the Sun.. (memang tak kalah si samy ni..).. Don't worry..while Russia & USA explore the moon, he is confidently will land on the sun..of course, like he always say, they will do so at the sun is not that hot..(like JKR bahagian jalan always do..)

These are all information that i get at the moment..will keep you posted if i get any news on others.. For the time being, let's pray..semoga depa2 ni berjaya dalam bidang baru yg diceburi..

p/s:oh ya,dengar khabar,dengan modal yg byk,khir toyo mungkin nak bukak one more business, bukak Kilang Penyapu..

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