Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dunia dah maju..Zaman dah berubah..!!!

I have read once. Among the signs of the End Day is when the World becomes smaller,the distance becomes shorter,the far becomes nearer. Long ago,I thought when it says the World becomes smaller means the size that matters, means the world is shrinking thus the distance from a point to another point will automatically shorter. 
Living in this era, the cyber era makes me realized that it is not actually what it meant. Al-Quran & Sunnah are true for the past, present & future and Allah Maha Mengetahui perkara-perkara ghaib. With telecommunications applications, ones could connect with another in thousands kilometers distance with just a click of a button. With airlines technology, ones could reach a thousand miles places in just overnight! Even nowadays, more and more people are reaching the Moon!!
And this is Ayah Chik..Doing akad to a groom in Dungun while his wedded wife was video-conferencing from UK. Isn't it sweet?? It was 4.30pm local time & the wife has to wake-up at 3 am UK time for their ceremony with full wedding attire, and just sit in front of the video cam..
Notice the PC right next to the Ayah Chik & the husband..

Ayah Chik was seeking agreement from the bride to be wedded to the man she loves!

Yang pasti, Ayah Chik dah glamer seantero Malaya!!!

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Zawiyah said...

cayalah ujie..ur 'new' father kan??
tp aku tertanya2 ..kenapa nikah tu diadakan via sidang video? menarik la..


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