Thursday, June 4, 2009

Award from zawiyah-nizam.blogspot..

Thank u so much cheza for this award!

Insyaallah, I'll try to improve my writings from time to time. At the beginning of the creation of this blog, i thought it was just for me my ownself, just a written note of myhumble life, my feelings, my happiness & sad moments, my prattlings and so on and on.. But, knowing that others (especially You!) likes to read this, I'm more than happy to write & share..

Hope Allah gives me that Istiqamah to consistently sharing things with you & guys out there.. Whatever is told & shown here, my intentions is not to show things off, but honestly just to it nice or bad things, please understand that I just wanna express my true feelings at that specific moments.. 

And true friend is the one who laugh when her friend smile, and cry when her friend is sad... 

1 comment:

Zawiyah said... u make me happy too..smiling n laughing..u r really good in expressing ur words n feelings! keep it up k!


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