Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breakfast Spot...part one

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This place is called Beranang Kopitiam, it's not like the modern & trendy kopitiam like we have nowadays in the cities, but it is more like just a 'kedai kopi cina di hujung kampung'!! And yet, that Beranang Kopitiam is the name that I just given to the shop, because it actually doesn't have any name..haha..

This is one of our favourite breakfast spot. It takes us about 20 mins (plus waiting time at the traffic lights) to reach there from our home. We come here averagely once in a fortnight, but sometimes once a week.. Depends on our 'wake-up-mood', if our tummy says Beranang, then it's beranang.. What an easy life staying in Salak Tinggi..

What is so special about this Kedai Kopi Ah Ping???(the owner's name)
Roti Bakar definitely!! It's Roti Bakar is marvellous, crunchy but soft.. There's 2 types of roti bakar, one is 'Biasa' & another one is 'Original'.. Biasa means the roti is crustless while Original means the crust is still intact..(waaaa hi-tech pulak rasanya explanation ni)

Besides Roti Bakar, another craving is for its Roti Stim (steam).. This is when they steam the roti benggali so it become so soft & fluffy.. Mr.Hubby would prefer roti steam Original than roti bakar when we come here, and I would prefer otherwise.. (difference completes our world right!!)

Another MUST-HAVE menu is a packed Nasi Lemak Ikan Keli,wrapped in banana leaf.. Wallaaaa... heaven! The sambal is quite different than common nasi lemak's sambal. It is just a small pack, usually we eat 2 packs at a time.. Memang sedap! ...and tapau some more to bring back home....hehehe

Ohhhh, next time when I came here again, I'll try to remember to snap a picture of each menu before having it done into our hungry-tummy..hahaha.. Last time,terlupa lah..lapar sangat..


Zawiyah said...

saja je buat reader terliur ni..
nti snap la gambar nasi lemak ikan keli tu..cuma aku tertanya2 la..kedai kopi 'ah ping' tu...
sure mu tau apa yg bermain di fikiran aku kan...

chujie said...

aku tahu,tapi at least kedai ni ada sijil halal tau..tertampang kat kedai tu..bangga aku.bila aku tanya dia, dia cakap.."eh.mestilah mau apply itu halal,ini kampung maaa,ramai melayu jugak dtg.."

Zawiyah said...

wah..bagus la si ah ping tu! caya la..


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