Thursday, June 4, 2009

Untuknya apa saje...

Mr.Hubby just called..He's in Sibu, duty starts at 1700 hrs so he got time to have a lunch nearby the hotel. He asked me to guess what food did he ordered just now..It took me only few seconds to make a very precise guess, it's Carbonara!! And yet again, he was kinda puzzled how I could get it so right.. Hehehee, i told ya many times, Wifey's Instinct is something you cannot play with.. It's sometimes (most of the times) scarily accurate..hahaha. 

Hubby said, now rice seems to be monotonous. Breakfast, nasi goreng; and lunch nasi campur.. Everything nasi nasi nasi.. chetttt, baru kali ni dapat co-pilot mat saleh, terus tak reti mkn nasi, hehehe.. So, as I was expected, this sentence came thru his mouth. "You dah lama tak masak Spaggetti, Caesar Salad, Sheppherd Pie, your homemade pizza, bla bla bla..." Aiiiii, nak masakan omputih pulak dah.. It's true, it's been really while I didn't cook all these dishes. Since moving to this so-called hutan rimba, I am more keen to cook kampung style dishes. I don't know, but my tummy loves that especially having those meals in an orchard like this. Macam tak masuk pulak, makan carbonara sambil tgk pokok durian ehh..

Now, i'm recalling back my recipes of those kind of food.. Thought of having those on this Sunday.. Ooopsss, today is already 4th, means Mr.Hubby's birthday is just coming in 2 days.. Woohooo..what I'm going to give him this time ahhh??? It is always a head-cracking thing when need to think about his present.. Last year, I bought him a series of paintings from Bali, which is now perfectly hung at our living hall wall. This year, I think, it's unfair if I choose something that I like, as I alway do, and giving it to him means I have a chance to own it too at the same time.. Teruk huhhh?? I have few things in mind right now, shhhhhhh, don't tell him ya..

1) Wheelbarrow; hahaha..he is now using a punctured  wheelbarrow for his everyday gardening activity. And it's good if I buy him a new one, isn't it??
2) Mesin Rumput; this is a quite good selection as well. At the moment, he has to borrow Ajip's (neighbour) grass-cutter every now & then.

3) Clark shoes; he is long for this. Takdelah asyik dgn selipar ke sana ke mari.. This will bring a better sight to my eyes as well right,..hehehehe..

So, what say you friend???


zulindanish said...

semestinya no 3 la beb...hehehe, tapi tak tau lah..bagi aku ni hadiah bdey..mesti something yang leh simpan n can be personally his...heheh, ni pendapat aku je Jie weh..

Zawiyah said...

ujie..just buy all!! he aku rasa the 3rd one paling ok. dekat di hatinya..mcm best je ur home made pizza tu...nti wat n tayang n kasi recipe ek..aku pernah try wat sendiri a long time ago..

chujie said...


tu lah,aku pun rasa mcm nk belikan yg no.3 tu..Apaaaaa che za??beli 3tiga2 sekaligus??hohohoho,sengkek eden ni haaa..hehehe..

cuma kalau nk belikan kasut tu,terpaksalah aku bawak dia sekali,means takdela surprise kan..sbb walaupun aku tahu saiz,takut shape lain2 kan..tak selesa lak nnt..ermmmm...

shila said...

i saw him flashing his new sweet..tapi u beli tu ada maknaa ni...heheee.

chujie said...

pelaburan utk masa depan..hehehe


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